Hajj Reflections- Tale of a mother and her baby


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The month of Dhul Hijjah takes my thoughts to my mom. She once said that a mother’s life is that of “Sayee”. She runs to and fro for her children; making ends meet; providing for them; watching over them. All this so that her children’s eyes don’t get wet with tears of grief, and their hearts are not filled with feelings of hopelessness.

On a hot day, it had only been a short while since Suhoor, yet my lips were parched. There was a dry, warm wind blowing. I can vividly visualize Hajrah, mother of Prophet Ismael (as), and wife of Prophet Ibrahim (as), running from one mountain top to other mountain top in search of water for her thirsty baby. Her garments must have flapped against her body- as the warm winds shifted dunes in the hot dry desert. Her baby must’ve squealed, and cried with thirst till he ran out of tears. Subhan’Allah, how Allah (swt) loves them at that point! The uncomplaining mother just making Sayee and praying;  convinced by her Lord’s will, and His pleasure was her goal. The gift that our Rabb sent their way was a miracle that has existed to date, and holds powers that still overwhelms people. This miraculous gift turned the desert into a thriving city, and became the centre of civilization for the Muslim Ummah!

The love the Almighty felt for the persevering mother has signs for us. The Almighty Allah (swt), our Rabb, loves those who persevere, and stick to their just cause- attaining His pleasure remains their underlying motive, and their driving force- Allah (swt) loves them!

Wow! I think it’s super cool- Allah (swt) loves them and He gifts them with His choicest bounties. Subhan’Allah. Allahu Akbar!

Insha’Allah, I’m sure my mom too did her Sayee super well. And made our Rabb super happy. Insha’Allah, I’m sure my Almighty Allah (swt) will reward her in His excellent ways for her successful Sayee.

May Allah (swt) make our Sayee in this life a success; and grant us His wondrous gifts that we can’t imagine or fathom. May Allah (swt) love us, and make us deserving of His love. Ameen.





What Constitutes Manhood?

12 manhoodBy Majid ibn Abdur-Rahman – Writer 

What type of men would you like to see in our Ummah, the community of Prophet Muhammad (sa)? What constitutes a man? Is it the moustache or the beard? There are so many who have both.

Manhood does not depend upon years. We can often see a seventy-year-old man with the heart of a child: he rejoices over trivial entertainment, sheds tears over petty issues, covets what he does not possess, and greedily clenches whatever falls into his small hands, so that others would not play with it. He simply is a small child with a moustache and beard.

However, by the grace of Allah (swt), there are children who, despite their young age, can be extremely manly in their words, deeds, thoughts, and noble behaviour.