First my Mother- Forever my Friend

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The Holy Prophet (sa) said: “Paradise lies under the feet of mother.” This Hadeeth highlights the importance of a mother, and the role of a mother in a child’s life.

A mother is not only the gateway of paradise for a child; rather she is a ray of hope in all problems.

She pulls a child out from all the difficulties, and enables him to transcend all the barriers, and cross all obstacles.


I experienced a serious problem a few weeks ago. I was bullied for being short. My classmates used to make fun of me and call me “Choti Auntie (short-heighted woman).” As a result, I became increasingly conscious about my appearance, and became quite self diffident. I talked to some friends about it, and they told me not to worry about it. Their satisfying words did not satiate me completely- as the thought of being physically defected had made a niche in my mind.


All the other thoughts of positivity could not pass through this barrier of self doubt. My mother is an extremely conscious lady. She observes all the family members to find out whether they are okay or not. She had been noticing my odd behaviour. I had not been eating well. I had been skipping meals, and staying quite doleful. She observed my condition for a week after which she made her move. After Fajr, my mother called me and asked me to go for a walk. I declined at first because I was not in the mood. She persisted and I gave in. We went to a park near our house for the walk. We walked for about five minutes after which my mother finally spoke up.


She asked me why I had been too different recently. “School stuff and stress!” I replied in an impassive way. She persuaded me, and finally convinced me into telling her why I was so upset. I told her about being bullied. I explained that I had become the laughing stock of my class fellows because of my short height. She listened to all my complaints with concern. I started to cry and she began to console me. I realised that day that the only shoulder which can offer me satisfaction and calm my inner storm is that of my mother.


She explained how people become jealous of your abilities, and point out flaws in you to let you down. Her soothing words made me re-think about my behaviour for the past few days, and I reached the conclusion that I should not waste my time thinking about the flaws. Her words instilled a positive spirit in me.


It is strange how a mother’s love and her kind words can cure the incurable wounds easily.

The status of mother has been raised because of the affection she showers to a child. Specifically, the bond between a mother and daughter is unique, and cannot be put into words. We face many problems in our life, and the sole remedy is Mother. Respect and love her and cherish those lovely mother-daughter moments. Do not feel low or uncomfortable due to the mean and rude remarks of others; rather keep your self-esteem high and fight all odds.

A Lesson in Nature

ayubia-national-Park-and-hiking-trackA few days back I was touring the beauty of the northern areas of Pakistan. Being at Ayubia, after a long tiring day we sat on a bench to relax in the evening. There beside our bench was a family of four people; parents and two kids. The boy was about six years of age and the girl was two. That family, like us, was also relaxing. In some time there was havoc on the benches where that family was sitting. The mother who was feeding her daughter left the daughter and the cereal bowl and ran a distance away shouting. The boy was standing nearby and the father had went away to fetch some snacks. When we looked back, there was a monkey near that bench who very silently picked up the baby’s meal and started eating it. The panicked mother started to shout but the monkey didn’t move. When the brother of that baby tried to make the monkey run away it attacked the boy and scratched his face. In a few minutes some locals gathered with small catapults in hand and made the monkey run away with the stones.Soon the condition was under control and the mother ran and picked up her kids. She had become quite hysteric.

I at that moment could only think of the Day of Judgement, when the horrific events will be such that mothers will leave their babies and will run away. The all loving mother who can give her life for children when confused by the monkey initially left her baby and ran away. However, soon she realized the jeopardy her kids were into and became worried for them. But on the day of judgement she will not think of anything and will only run to save herself.

This was a learning experience for me, giving me high thoughts of the less time we have left and the more we have to do in this world. May Allah guide us to right path and save us from the horrid events of the Day of the Judgement and the ultimate hell fire. Ameen.