Mood Foods


We often grab certain foods to satisfy those urges which have nothing remotely whatsoever to do with hunger. These specific foods are those which work on our mood in a particular way – this is exactly why we crave them in times of depression or stress. However, there is a less obvious but equally effective and healthier alternative to these “mood foods.”


Mood Foods: Cakes and sweets give an instant sugar rush and lift your mood – however, their effect wears off fast, leaving you feel worse.

Healthy Alternative: Try fresh or dried fruits to give you a quick boost – and this boost won’t be followed by a slump.


Mood Foods: Chocolates and ice creams; however, sugar only exacerbates your anxiety.

Healthy Alternative: Try a glass of skimmed milk or low-fat yoghurt.


Mood Foods: Cakes or chocolates distract you from boredom with a sudden energy rush

Healthy Alternative: Try grilled chicken or tuna sandwich – high protein foods stimulate the brain and give long-lasting energy release.


Mood Foods: Sugary foods – however, they stroke your anger further

Healthy Alternative: Try complex carbohydrates such as bread, cereals or pasta.

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