“Sina” – Health, Education and Welfare Trust

sina1) Can you tell us more about your projects, especially the clinics in slum areas, reconstructing homes in Sujawal and formal schooling?

“Sina” Health, Education & Welfare Trust is a not-for-profit organization, focusing on providing primary healthcare in to less-privileged communities. Our vision is that quality healthcare should be accessible for all. To achieve this, we build clinics in the heart of deserving communities and provide both curative and preventive care. “Sina” was founded in 2007, and as of 2013, “Sina” has seven clinics in the urban slums of Karachi. Over 80% of “Sina’s” patients are women and children who benefit from quality healthcare provided at their doorstep at a very affordable cost of Rs 350+ per patient, a fee of Rs 5-30 per patient with free medicines, test and follow up care.

2) Why was “Sina” born? What was your basic aim and vision?

Named after Ibn Sina (Avicenna), we started our first clinic in 1998, when Dr. Asif Imam returned to Pakistan, after practicing medicine in the USA for over two decades. The vision guiding this beginning was simple – to provide quality primary healthcare to those in need, regardless of financial means available. The clinics gradually grew with “Sina” Trust formally coming into being in 2007.

3) How is it different from similar work that others are doing in the same field (healthcare and education)?

Whilst we have achieved a key milestone of treating 100,000+ patients last year, “Sina’s”s greatest asset is its quality management system. This system is unique, as it has adapted quality international healthcare protocols, used in developed healthcare systems for application in low-income settings. Simply put, this is the foundation, on which we believe a scalable quality primary healthcare system can be created for catering to the needs of less-privileged communities across Pakistan. Our aim, therefore, is to take this system of quality primary healthcare across Pakistan. We are embarking on this journey of growth to play our part in bringing quality healthcare to deserving communities across Pakistan.

4) Can you tell us about your team members?

The “Sina” Board of Trustees include highly committed professionals, who have joined hands to provide quality healthcare to those in need. Our trustees include Dr. Asif Imam (Allergist & Immunologist), Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (Pediatrician), Mohammad Fazil Bharucha (Lawyer), Sohail Ahmed (Industrialist) and Jalauddin Idrus (Educationist/ Social Worker). Our CEO Riaz Ahmed Kamlani has held positions of Chief Operating Officer and Vice President at The Citizens Foundation prior to joining “Sina”.

5) How can others help you in your work? Would you need human resource or financial assistance?

Our focus is to help save children from critical illness and help women look after their health. It costs only Rs. 350 to treat one patient and that is our greatest need. A majority of our patients are Zakaat eligible, based on Zakaat eligibility evaluation conducted under the guidance of our Shariah Advisor. We, therefore, encourage individuals to help treat as many patients as they can through Zakat and other contributions.

Our future aim is to take this system of quality primary healthcare across Pakistan, Insha’Allah. For this, we would continue to be in need of both financial and volunteer time contributions. We would, therefore, invite you to support us in bringing quality healthcare to those in need.

6) Would you like to share with us any of “Sina’s” success stories?

Two-year-old Sahil was born blind because of bilateral congenital cataracts. While being treated for the flu at “Sina” clinic, he was diagnosed and referred to an ophthalmology hospital and recommended for surgery. With a diagnoses of severe anemia combined with an intolerance for oral iron supplements, our experts initiated a blood transfusion process prior to surgery which was successful. Today, for the first time, Sahil can experience the joy of seeing with both eyes.


Name of Organization: “Sina Health, Education & Welfare Trust”

Drive: Zakat Collection

Contact person / phone number / email address: Anita Shaikh (Manager Resource Development & Marketing at “Sina Health, Education & Welfare Trust”)

03008287620/ anita.shaikh@sina.pk

The Zakat funds are used to treat Zakat eligible patients at the SINA clinics. About 70% of our patients are Zakat eligible, as we build clinics in the heart of deserving communities.

Treatment includes:

  • Consultation – qualified, registered and trained physicians
  • Medicines – in-house pharmacy at every clinic
  • Investigations – blood tests & urine tests, etc., through a collection unit located within every clinic
  • Treatments – stitching, wound dressing, nebulization, IV maintenance, etc.
  • Referral – specialists through SINA’s network

The cost of this whole treatment is Rs. 300 and we charge our Zakat patients Rs. 5 – the rest of the deficit is covered via donations.