The Mountain Peak

jannah-paradiseHow honorable is dwelling with mates,

In Paradise and that’s indeed the best company,

How great is neighborhood to persons of repute,

They will have the pleasure of seeing the Lord,

And listen with delight to His Sublime Word,

With silk brocade being their main garment,

They have their heads crowned with finest crowns,

Inlaid with ornate pearls and rare moonstones,

Or silver that is made of only pure gold

And golden rings and bracelets molded,

Of silver and prettily adorned forearms

Their served food is soft bird meat

The finest of camel that feed on all sorts

And bowls of precious pearls and gold,

Strewn, as seventy thousand, on a thousand tables,

If you feel a thirst and desirous for these,

As much as an exile who yearns for home,

Be as charitable as you can and then you will

Be rewarded for good with that which is best

Prepare for the Gardens of Eden and all

The blessings of it that surely never cease,

Observe fast always and rise in prayer,

For both are indeed acceptable deeds,

Wake in the night and recite Qur’an,

And have little sleep as an anxious one,

Perhaps, your death knell once suddenly tolls,

Your coffin then, not bed, will be the place to rest, How great to shed tears at night,

Due to the fear of the Lord, the Ever Compassionate,

So, lower your gaze and always avoid,

Any forbidden looks and strain to be modest,

Strive and beware of all women’s temptations,

You get them as mates as many hours in Paradise,

Blessed is life there and all its pleasures,

With all kinds of fruit as served in pairs,

Belittle you never any venial sin,

As fire begins with little sparks

Once you sin, be quick to repent,

For fear of sudden death, with no delay,

Sate not your whims and never be excessive,

Allah surely hates greedy persons,

The one who gives in to lust and appetite,

Will suffer forever their two-forked yoke,

So, fast by day to drink your fill

On the day people will be parched with thirst,

There is no good at all in musical instruments,

Or dancing or similar forms of merry-making,

The devout are always afraid of their Lord,

Avoiding listening to music and singing,

They rather recite the Glorious Qur’an,

Especially with melodious and tuneful to ears,

At night, than all those flutes and fifes,

If you just perceive the Doomsday’s horrors,

You would surely flee from kinfolk and home,

Due to its horrors, the skies would crack,

The infant’s hair will turn grey,

Austere and distressful that day will be,

And highly burdensome for humans at all,

that day the devout are driven to their Lord,

With finest of mounts carrying them all,

The wretched, however, are driven to Hell,

Where they will suffer the parching thirst,

So, Heaven and Hellfire respectively will be

For the devout and wicked an eternal abode.

(Published with permission from “On the Mountain Peak” by Dr. Muhammad Al-‘Areefi. Publisher: “Darussalam”)

How do I Improve my Character?

CharacterHere are some tips for you. Foremost is to stop doing Haram. Stop doing bad things. Don’t talk about adding good until you get rid of bad deeds. You can’t talk about giving a medicine unless you stop bleeding. It doesn’t make any sense. So, first of all, stop the entertainment addiction. You’ve got to stop watching films. You’ve got to start lowering your gaze when walking on the street, because you become less of a human every time you stare at a woman. You stare at her, as if she is a piece of meat or an animal. That just means that you’ve lost the respect of a fellow human being.

Gain your humanity first, and then embellish and beautify your life with good deeds. These simple small things, such as perfecting prayer, memorizing few supplications, trying to be honest in the workplace, and being kind to your mother are not complicated things.

This is what the Creator asks from us. Someone asks, “Why does He want this from me? How does it benefit Him?”

Don’t talk about adding good until you get rid of bad deeds. You can’t talk about giving a medicine unless you stop bleeding.

It’s a good question. One of His names is Al-Ghani. Ghani means: “The One who doesn’t need anything”. There is a verse in which He has commanded us to do certain things. He is Ghani; He is free of need. You are the ones who are bankrupt. He doesn’t need anything, and we need everything because we are the bankrupt. And then, He told us to do a few good things. And if you do those few good deeds, He will make you Ghani; He will make you free of need. He will give you a shower of huge blessings. Good deeds are beneficial to us because they are like medicines. They bring with them bonuses in this world and the next world.

For example, you’ve been looking for a job and you are also mean to your mother. Then you start being kind to your mother. Mysteriously, they call you back. They want you to come in for an interview. Thus, you receive the blessings of being kind to your mother.
One good deed will open up other doors for you. That’s what Allah (swt) does in this world. Whoever becomes conscious of Allah (swt), He starts opening doors for him, making a way out for him. He will provide him in a way he couldn’t have even imagined. All this happens because this person has become conscious about Allah (swt). That’s all Allah (swt) is asking us. And He wants us to ask Him only, to make our lives better.

And if you do those few good deeds, He will make you Ghani; He will make you free of need. He will give you a shower of huge blessings.

People ask: “What does Allah (swt) want from us?” That’s a really fundamental question. There are a few verses that tell us the answer. One of them is:

“Allah wishes to lighten (the burden) for you; and man was created weak. ” (An-Nisa 4:28)