Love the Most Loving

Valentine-Day1Allah (swt) has blessed us with a beautiful and powerful organ – our heart. We feel depressed, when we give the control of it to someone other than its Maker, Allah (swt). Very often, this ‘someone’ may use the cheesy, heart-melting phrase ‘I love you’ for using and abusing us.

When you let strangers enter the most private zone close to your inner self, be prepared for them to steal your inner peace and deprive your world of happiness. Young girls crave for the so-called ‘eternal love’ – they dream of a handsome prince, who would be ready to risk his life for making his sweetie happy. They need a pin of realism to burst their balloon of hope and fantasy. We are not focused, when we chase for the love of this Dunya and its inhabitants.

Our motto must be to attain success in the hereafter only. How can we deny the truth of Adam (as) and Hawwa (as)? They were sent to this Dunya as a punishment. We assume that hard times, ailment, financial crisis etc. are the only means, through which Allah (swt) tests us; however, Allah (swt) has sent us to this world for testing the righteous among us, who hold onto the lawful and abstain from the prohibited. It is not a place of eternal love, dance parties, red roses and heart-melting emotions that lie under the unlawful territory and decorum. The portrayal of Valentine’s Day love in media leads to wrath of Allah (swt).

In Islam, love is kept for the marriage only, when you give a portion of your heart to your spouse by the will of Allah (swt). Allah (swt) Himself blesses the hearts of the married couple with love and peace. However, we must remember that this love is just a Dunya version of what love can be – so do not hold high expectations for it. Likewise, the act of marriage in itself will not guarantee you happiness. The happiness that you long for knocks your door in the third part of every night, when your Maker, the Almighty, calls on you for granting your desires and for forgiving the ones, who ask for it.

Only the one, who is detached from his Creator, will give into celebrating Valentine’s Day, longing for that one red rose and a guy, who proposes by getting on his knees, surrounded by lavish presents, red hearts and that must-have teddy displaying the enslaving words of ‘I love you’.

There is no such thing as boyfriend.  Ponder on this, when he is not for Allah (swt), he can never be for His creation. Supplicate for the one, who abides by the law of Allah (swt) and asks for your hand in marriage. So on this February 14th, all the single ones take an oath to not to fall in these traps of abusive love. Instead, strive to fall in love with your Lord, the Most Loving. Be His and He will be all yours. Attaining His love is a magnificent profit by huge margin as:

  • He will not shun you.
  • His line is never busy.
  • He loves you more than the love of seventy mothers.
  • Nothing is parallel to His care.
  • He knows the unspoken words, too.
  • It is easy to please Him.
  • His love gives you inner peace and happiness, plus success of both worlds.
  • When He is by your side, nothing can shake you or cause you any harm.
  • He is the Lord of all and has the supreme authority. Everything lies under His command.

We strive extremely hard for pleasing people to gain benefits. Why not please the One, to Whom we belong? Let’s dye ourselves in the colour of His love; surely, no colour is better than that.

And the married ones, you do not need a specific day to express love and to adorn yourself in red. Your spouse’s love is given to you from the heaven. Cherish it and strengthen it every single day by getting closer to Allah (swt).

The Real Romance

loveforallahsakeFor love, there have been wars. For love, people have harboured feelings of anger, jealousy, and hatred to the extent of committing murder and heinous crimes thereafter. Without doubt, the emotion of love is a strong emotion which is seemingly represented by red hearts, red roses, red ribbons, etc. Love is commonly expressed in a manner expressed best in stories, novels, movies, and so on. We have come to understand the emotion of ‘love’ the way it is described and portrayed in the mass media.

The moment we think about love, a picture of a couple in love springs up in our minds. We consider the ‘drama’ in their lives, which leads to marriage or yearning. Then there is some more drama, followed by suspense, and in the end, we have a standard ‘happily ever after’.

At first glance, Islam and love seem total antonyms of each other. Although all the elements of love are present in the Quran and Ahadeeth, we do not understand the concept of romance or love in Islam. Muhabbah (love) comes from the root word Hubb, which means a seed that Allah (swt) has sown in our hearts. Ibn Abbas (rta) narrated that the Prophet (sa) said:

 Muhabbah (love) comes from the root word Hubb, which means a seed that Allah (swt) has sown in our hearts.

“Allah brought all the offspring of Adam from Adam’s back, in Arafah, and He took the oath from the people. Then Allah said (and the Prophet [sa] recited): ‘Am I not your Lord?’ (Al-Araf 7:172)” (An-Nasai and Ahmad)

On that day, Allah (swt) bestowed us with His love in our hearts. Allah (swt) further guides us in the Quran. He says He loves those who constantly repent, those who are pure inwardly and outwardly, those who do good deeds beautifully, those who have Taqwa, are conscious of Allah (swt) and abstain from sins, and those who are patient during trials and do not lose their temper. Allah (swt) does not love those who create mischief, those who betray others, and those who are arrogant and two-faced. Hence, we get a clear picture that those whom Allah (swt) loves will love humanity and leave a progeny full of goodness.

Today’s common ‘objects’ of love are spouses, children, wealth, and Dunya. However, Allah (swt) says that those who have Iman love Allah (swt) the most, as the Quran mentions that the believers love Allah (swt) more intensely. (Al-Baqarah 2:165) We know how much the Sahabah (ra) loved the Prophet (sa) and how they loved Allah (swt), too. Consider also the Hadeeth that specifies seven categories of people who will be given Allah’s Shade on the Day of Resurrection. In one category will be those whose love is for the sake of Allah (swt) alone.

The youth are full of emotions and emotions can make us lose control. Decisions taken on the basis of emotions are usually wrong and result in regret. These days, through pop culture and mass media, Muslim youth tend to destroy their lives by indulging in Haram relationships which have no place in Islam. A relationship whose base is either love at first sight, or beauty, or expensive gifts, or fun will always be flimsy with a weak foundation. It will not last for long as a Hadeeth says: “Your love for something blinds and deafens.” (Abu Dawood and Ahmad)

Love based on a strong foundation is love for the sake of Allah (swt). Love is to want to be with your spouse in this world and the hereafter as well. This love has commitment and is not based merely on physical or emotional factors. Spouses are garments to each other and both are enjoined to have mercy on one another. Every moment spent with each other is rewarded.

reserve all smileys, roses and hearts for what is Halal and judge for yourself what true love is. Love what Allah (swt) loves and leave what angers Allah (swt).

It was reported from Abu Dharr that the Messenger of Allah (sa) said: “In the (sexual act) of each one of you there is a charity.” They said, “O Messenger of Allah, when one of us fulfils his carnal desire will he have some reward for that?” He (sa) said: “Do you not see that if he were to act upon it (his desire) in an unlawful manner, then he would be deserving of punishment? Likewise, if he were to act upon it in a lawful manner, he will be deserving of a reward.” (Muslim)

If we try to emulate virtual love or love depicted in movies, it will kill our spiritual heart. The person will be deprived of Allah’s love and mercy in this world, unless he sincerely repents. Hence, reserve all smileys, roses and hearts for what is Halal and judge for yourself what true love is. Love what Allah (swt) loves and leave what angers Allah (swt).

Love is when Prophet Muhammad (sa) took the glass from which Aisha (rta) had drunk. He put his lips on the exact same place she had put hers and then drank. (An-Nasai)

Love is when Prophet Muhammad (sa) raced with Aisha (rta) and teased her when she lost! (Abu Dawood)

Love is when Fatimah (rta) immediately smiled and never complained when her father (sa) told her that her Nikah has been made to Ali (rta).

Love is when Zainab (rta) sent a necklace given to her by her mother Khadeejah as a ransom for her husband!

Love is when Khadeejah (rta) spent her entire wealth on the Deen for the man she loved!

That is real love, Subhan’Allah!