Brands to Boycott – With Alternatives

Back in 2012, in line with the information provided on Innovative Minds, Hiba Magazine circulated a flyer titled “Brands to Boycott” which provided a list of companies that heavily invest in Israel and also contribute to its economy. This list provided some handy alternatives, especially for Pakistani-based readers. With the current conflict in Gaza, we are again providing this list for those who feel helpless in the face of the situation and wish to do something to support their Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine.

If you are one of those who wonder whether boycotting is fruitful, we encourage you to check out an excellent article by our writer, Lamya Almas: Is Boycotting Fruitful?

There is another one titled: Shopping can kill.

The list is as follows (courtesy Innovative Minds)



To find out why these companies are on this list, visit

Another list circulated by Christian Science Monitor mentions the following well-known brands on the boycott list:

  1. P&G Pampers
  2. Victoria’s Secrets
  3. Volvo
  4. Intel
  5. Motorola
  6. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  7. McDonalds

Alternatives for those who are based in Pakistan

Pasta: Kolson / Bake Parlour / Crispo

Milk  / Flavoured Milk: Olpers / Good Milk / Haleeb / Millac / Pakola Milk

Powdered Milk: Millac / Haleeb Skimz / Nutra Mil / Skimillac

Coffee: Coffee Break / Brazo

Instant Noodles: Shoop / Knorr / Indomie

Tea: Tapal / Kohinoor / Standard’s Prime Tea / Vital tea

Cooking Oil: Habib / Sunlight / Meezan / Seasons / Sufi / Eva / Coroli / Soya Supreme / Canolive

Soaps: Breeze / Capri / Tibet / Sufi Bath Soap / Bodyguard

Shampoo: Bio Amla / Medicam / Dabur Amla

Detergents: Sufi Soap Vermicelli / Pak Surf

Washing soaps: Safon Detergent Bar / Safon Detergent Liquid

Dish-washing soap: Safon dish-washing bar (Sufi), Aan soap

Soft Drinks: Pakola / Gourmet Cola

Toothpaste: Hamdard / Dentonic / English / Soda White / Dabur / Shield

Ice-cream: Igloo / Omore / Hico / Iceberg

Personal care products: Saeed Ghani / Olivia / Care / English / Tibet / Etude / Avon

Dairy products: Haleeb / Nurpur / Olpers /

Electronics: Waves / Millat / Super Asia / Pak Fan / Toshiba / Sony / Hitachi / LG / Mitsubishi / Samsung (printers)

Yoghurt: Al-Marai / Millac Yoghurt

Mineral Water: Eva / Pakola’s Vital / Sufi / Qarshi’s Springley / Osloo

Custard, Jelly and Jell-O: Happy Home / Delve Desserts

Juices and Instant Drinks: Maaza / Sunsip / Frooto / Tropico

Candies: Candyland / Hilal

Baby Products: Shield Blessings / Mothercare / Susu

Diapers: Canbebe / Susu / Diapy / EQ /

Toothbrushes / Mouthwash: Shield Products

Readers and local companies are requested to add to this list for public benefit.

We have tried our best to ensure that the above list is correct as of July 12, 2014. If you find any error in it, please email us at and it will be corrected, Insha’Allah!