The Ignored Relationship

AS_114Dear Muslim

Every day, I see you picking up your books from the bookshelf and reading them with great attention. You keep reading textbooks and story books for hours and hours, and you don’t realize that someone, who is more deserving of your time, is near you. Every time you come near the shelf, I hope you would ignore others and give me some time. But you pass away, ignoring me. The love and affection I deserve is being poured by you upon strangers.

One day, when you will need them the most, they won’t be there for you. They won’t pay heed to your cries. All those for whom you neglected me will forget you one day. They are strangers. I am yours. I am here to provide solutions to every problem you face. I won’t turn away from you. I am the only one on earth, who would accompany you in your grave and protect you from hellfire. I will tell you how to achieve real success in both the worlds. I will heal your heart whenever you feel depressed and oppressed. All I want from you is to pay some heed to my words. Come to me, and re-establish that very old and true relationship. Insha’Allah, you will be the happiest person on the earth.

 Only yours,

 The Quran