Finding a Job- Expect the unexpected and make it yours!

duaI am a physician but I am unable to find a job yet. Should I think that it is my destiny and stop searching for jobs?

As far as destiny is concerned, the word “destiny” means, “has been pre-ordained for you”- not to find a job. But you are not sure whether it is your destiny not to find a job forever.

A Tawakkul and true reliance on Allah (swt) the Almighty and how you put your trust on Allah (swt) is by following their means: You apply for a job here or there in several places, acquire higher degrees, get your internship and meet with people. This is called following their means.

Then why put your trust in Allah (swt) that He has saved something for you better than what you expect, but you don’t know it and that’s why you keep trying. But, you quit because you know it is your destiny. How do you know that it is your destiny? This is similar to the person who claims that since Allah (swt) has already pre-ordained my fate/destiny, whether I enter heaven or hell, why shall I worship? Why shall I do or I restrain from certain things? It has been decided already.

That will be true if you have already an assurance about your fate, but that you cannot know. The Prophet Muhammad (sa) said: “Everyone should work hard and follow their means; everyone will find it easy to achieve what he has been created for.”

In addition, the Prophet Muhammad (sa) has guided us to some supplications and invocations that would facilitate to find a job, and increase in one’s provision.

  • The greatest, of course is, constantly seeking forgiveness and saying: “Astaghfirullah” asking Allah (swt) in your prayer, in your Sujood to increase your provision. One of the most beautiful supplications:

رَبَّنَا آتِنَا فِىْ الدُّنْيَا حَسَنَةً وَفِىْ الآخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً وَّقِنَا عَذَابَ النَّارِ

“Our Lord, give us a good reward in the life of this world and a good reward in the life of Hereafter.”

The word reward will cover job, provision, wife, children, progress, and success here and here after.

  • Ask righteous people to pray for you. It is permissible in Islam to ask people to pray for you. May Allah (swt) make it easy for you.
  • Giving in a charity and helping somebody to fulfill his need would facilitate in your finding a job, and making the search easy for you.

The Prophet Muhammad (sa) said: “As long as you are assisting others, Allah (swt) will be assisting you as well. You fulfill the needs of others; Allah (swt) will fulfill your needs as well.”



And my Dua was Accepted…

Dua was Accepted“Mother’s Dua has been accepted!” My children’s energetic loud voice woke me up from my sleep.

We were residents in UAE. My husband and I were working as teachers in a school, when that school’s principle fired both of us, due to his personal enmity with us.

Ramadan was going on. Our visa was going to expire after two months; therefore, we tried hard to find another job but in vain. My three little children were in primary and the two older ones were studying in secondary schools. Residential problem, rent for the house, children’s school fees and grocery money was urgently needed; we were running out of savings and were greatly depressed. All our emergency funds were coming to an end. I told my children to stay calm and pray to Allah (swt) with a pure heart and strong belief.

Allah (swt) had accepted my prayer word to word.

After a few days, my husband’s friend came to our house and said that he has been called in Sharjah for a job interview in a school – he was going to leave for Sharjah. My husband’s friend asked my husband to accompany him. My husband refused, as there was no reason for him to go. However, his friend insisted, terming that as an important visit. When I learned about this, I told my husband to go. Then my husband told his friend that he was ready to go with him. I spoke my heart out: “May Allah (swt) make them ask you to start your job there from the very next day.”

My husband and his friend took off for Sharjah together. As it was the month of Ramadan, I fell asleep during the day and when I woke up, it was nearly Maghrib time. I came to know that my husband had returned from the trip, and as soon as I entered the room, my husband repeated the same sentence that I said before he was leaving, “May Allah (swt) make them ask you to start your job there from the very next day.” My husband said that the school’s interviewer had offered him a job there and then.

I doubted, whether it was real or a dream, because I was awakened by my children’s cheers, “Mother’s prayer is accepted!” But, Alhumdulillah, it was real.

My husband said that the school’s interviewer had offered him a job there and then.

No doubt, my Allah (swt) had accepted my Dua that was prayed with a pure heart. Allah (swt) had accepted my prayer word to word. I could not control my tears, and I bowed in front of Allah (swt) thanking Him for His help.

Although many years have passed since that event, but even today my heart gets filled with gratitude to Allah (swt), because I had prayed to Him (swt) with a pure heart and strong faith. My Allah (swt) answered my sincere prayer positively, Alhumdulillah!