[Infograph] Tips on Raising Tomorrow’s Leaders

The youth of today will be the leaders of the Ummah tomorrow. As parents, how can we ensure that our young ones are raised with the best Deen-inclined attributes that enables them to lead the Ummah tomorrow? Aneesah Satriya at Islamographic.com presents the following infograph. tips_leaders-web

[Infograph] How to Overcome Hardship

It would not be an understatement that a “perfect life” that is free of problems and difficulties can only be experienced in Jannah. In this life, true believers will always face tests of faith, of loss of wealth, of distressing situations and many others. What are the Sunnah ways of dealing with these hardships? Productive Muslim and Islamographic bring to you an informative infograph outlining the different ways of attaining relief from hardships. (Posted here with permission from Islamographic.com)


[Infograph] Surah Al-Fatiha – A Dialogue with Allah (swt)

Do you know the dialogue with Allah in which you engage every time you recite Surah Al-Fatiha, whether in your Salah or at any other time? Islamographic presents an amazing infograph on the Hadeeth that explains it in detail – we present it here with their permission.


Image courtesy www.islamographic.com

[Infograph] 7 Things Your Muslim Wife Won’t Tell You

Brother Wajih Ahmed wrote an inspiring article titled “7 Things Your Muslim Wife Won’t Tell You” posted originally on the Daily Reminders‘ website.

Passant Muhammad designed an infograph based on this article for Islamographic.

Here, we are posting this infograph with their permission