Islamic Products for Kids

By Uzma Jawed

Are you looking for good Islamic products for children? “Goodword Kids Publishers” has the answer for you. They offer a wide range of products, which guarantee that children will be able to explore their creativity by enjoying educational tools based on sound Quranic teachings.

 “Quran Story Puzzles”

(2 – 6 years)

A collection of six puzzles in a single box. The bright colors of these puzzles will appeal to small children. Puzzles will keep them interested and will trigger their curiosity. The back of the main box shows the reach pictures for puzzles along with the narrations of the stories from the Quran.

 “Quran Challenge Game: A Fun Way to Learn About the Quran”

(8 years and older)

This game is a rare find for challenging the mind. As a dynamic and highly effective learning tool, this game provides an ingenious way for students of all ages to learn about the Quran. The questions of the game come directly from the Quran and, hence, offer to the participants the opportunity to attain Quranic knowledge through an entertaining learning process.

 “Tell Me About …” series

(8 years and older)

“Tell Me About…” series are a great way to learn about the Islamic world. They contain lots of interesting facts on such Islamic topics as the creation, Islamic history, Hajj and the lives of prophets. The books in these series are written by different authors; however, all the authors convey the diverse Islamic aspects in a simple, informative style with wonderful illustrations.

 “Islamic Fun Book” series

(7 – 10 years)

The interactive “Islamic Fun Book” series books are successful in appealing to young children. The books contain creative activities that can help convey Islamic beliefs and practices in an effective and playful manner. Ramadan, Hajj, Salah, Quran and the Holy Prophet (sa) are some of the covered topics.

 “Children’s Stories from the Quran: Coloring Books”

(2 – 6 years)

These unique coloring books contain fascinating Quranic stories. This resourceful tool is a perfect way for communicating Islamic messages to young children – they learn the Quranic stories even without realizing it! The books feature simple read-aloud text, which is easy to follow and understand, along with lucid and engaging pictures.

The “Goodword Kids” products are available at “Liberty” bookstore as well as other bookstores around the country. They can also be purchased online:

 “A Guide for Mankind”

Noor-e-Quran CDs:

Complete recitation of the Holy Quran with Urdu translation

A resourceful tool, which makes the Quran easy to understand and follow. The Noor-e-Quran audio CDs consist of Arabic recitation from Traweeh prayers by Imam-e-Kabaa Sheikh Abdul-Rehman-Al-Sudais, Al-Sheikh-Saud-Al-Sareem. The Urdu translation has been done by Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalendhari and is in Shamshad Ali Khan’s voice.

This 30-CD set is intended to help listeners go through the Quran at a clear and measured pace. It is ideal for those, who want to improve their recitation of the Quran, as well as those, who do not speak Arabic, but want to take it a step further for actually understanding, what the Quran is trying to communicate. The voices of the Imams of Masjid Al-Haram make you feel as if you are in Makkah – the listening experience becomes more sacred, and the listener draws closer to Allah (swt).

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