[Infograph] Ramadan Prep

As Ramadan draws near, hiba presents an exclusive Ramadan prep infograph. The information in this infograph is taken from Shahr-u-Ramadan by Dr. Farhat Hashmi. Designed for hiba by Urooj Khan.

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Powerful Tips for Last Ten Nights

How should we spend the last ten nights of Ramadan? What are the ways to make the most of these blessed nights. Following is an infograph based on tips by Sh. Tawfique Chowdhury. Illustrated by Owh So Muslim.

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47u 10-Tips

[Infograph] 7 Ways to Be Productive This Ramadan

How can we reap the benefits of Ramadan in a productive manner? Qudsiyah Remtullah from Islamographic.com shares a handy infograph, based on tips from ProductiveMuslim.com

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28 Infograph - ProductiveRamadan

[Free Poster] Hiba’s Ramadan Schedule

Hiba Magazine presents an exclusive Ramadan poster cum schedule. Download today, print, or use as a wallpaper to have a productive Ramadan. Designed for Hiba by Urooj Khan. Based on Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s Shahru Ramadan.

Ramadan Schedule - Free Poster

Ramadan Schedule – Free Poster