Do you Observe Workplace Ethics?


  1. There is an improper system of salary payment in your workplace. What do you plan to do?
  • Make an issue and start complaining.
  • Start gossiping about your boss and backbite.
  • Ignore the situation, thinking it would get better with time.
  • Talk it out with your boss or HR manager and try to resolve the problem.
  1. You need a week off from work for a holiday, and your boss refuses to let you go. How would you handle the situation?
  • Ignore what he says and go for the holiday without informing.
  • Start shouting at him, as you explain to him that this holiday is really important for you.
  • Stalk him every day and keep urging him to give you the week off.
  • Complete your work in advance and wait for an appropriate time to ask again.
  1. In the absence of your boss, what do you do?
  • Come late and leave early.
  • Leave all your work pending.
  • Do the required amount of work and party with colleagues/friends.
  • Complete all your work and act responsible.

4. In case you are handed over the responsibility of some office inventory and cash, how would you manage it?

  • Use everything for yourself.
  • Gift some of the inventory to your friends and manage the cash irresponsibly.
  • Take care of it but use it for personal work too, with intention to return it.
  • Value it as an Amanah (trust) and make sure there is no possibility of any damage or fraud.

Score yourself

For every ‘a’ you score 5 points
For every ‘b’ you score 10 points
For every ‘c’ you score 15 points
For every ‘d’ you score 20 points

For around 20-30 points: You have some trouble getting along with your superiors. We need to remember our responsibility towards the workplace and the commitment we made to the organization we work for. As a responsible employee of the organization, you can maintain the decorum of the office by improving yourself and involving your friends in improvement as well. The pursuit of Halal Rizq demands that we never compromise the interests of our employee/place of employment, and drive the extra mile, when needed.

For around 40-50 points: Since you disagree with lot of office procedures, you tend to indulge in backbiting. Either we communicate with the person involved to resolve or improve the situation, or we ignore it, which usually does not work. The best way is to put a value on the issue – is it just a pet peeve for you, because you do not agree with it, or can it hurt anyone in the long run? It is important to stay content and loyal with your decision to work at a particular place. Instead of cribbing and showing ingratitude, be courageous enough to move to a more suitable place. This is especially so, if you cannot bring positive change in your current workplace environment and end up utterly frustrated most of the times.

For around 60 points: You appear to have confidence in yourself and your boss. Hence, you can approach and discuss with him the problems that can turn into sensitive issues later, if not addressed on time. You realize that everyone has shortcomings, and differences can be worked out. No place of employment is an absolute heaven.

For 70-80 points: Mabrook! You are a proactive individual. Truly a dream employee every organization should have. You are an agent of change for your company, who does not wait for others to think of solutions. You value your job and have faith in your decisions. Allah (swt) has made team members unique and that is the strength of your organization. Your efforts will be rewarded by Allah (swt) for helping your team get along amiably, Insha’Allah.