Wealthy Cooking: Monetize Your Cooking Skills

cooking-collegeCooking is not just a daily duty for mummies. It is a passion that has turned into a means of earning money, and has given home to a bunch of enterprising female home-based chefs and bakers. For those Hijabi Muslimahs who love to cook and have taste in their fingers, there is a lot more to do than turning on the stove. Follow your passion and start earning.

Turn your cooking skills into hot profits. Here are some creative ways for you to monetize.

  1.  Start your own ‘pop- up’ restaurant at your  own home. You can be a micro entrepreneur. If you are crazy about baking, then start  baking cakes and deliver home-based cakes, pastries, cookies or chocolates.
  2. Sell your delicious and relishing recipes to Pinterest, and get paid through the advertisements on your food blogs.
  3. Publish cookery books depicting your favourite and most unique recipes, and earn royalty with each unit sold.
  4. You can also earn by catering wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, children parties, baby showers or corporate lunches. Spread the magic of regional cuisines among the foodies. Give innovative names to your dishes like Khashi Biryani (Bangladeshi mutton Biryani); Bhurhani (a health drink made of curd and herbs); Tangy Dangy chicken noodles, Hot and cold vanilla buns etc. and  cook  up a storm at in-house parties or get-togethers.
  5. Sell your home-made Masala, Chutney, pickles, and cookbooks to Amazon and other shopping sites where you get commission for every purchase made.
  6. With App technology build up a cookery App with your name and be a famous chef. It will cost you minimal to build your cookbook app and make it available to the world.
  7. Gone are the days when home delivery of food would only mean regular lunch or dinner boxes. As a home maker, you can promote home-based business by uploading photos of your dishes, writing blogs and communicating with customers via social networking sites. Go for Take-away orders at home to cater for multitude range of customers including corporate, bachelors, students and office-goers.
  8. With Cookbook Café, any home chef or group can publish an interactive cookbook. The first DIY Cookbook Publishing platform that allows anyone to publish, market and sell his/her own cookbook as an iPad App. Simply gather your favourite relishing recipes, upload them to Backspace.com and publish your cookbook.
  9. Build your cooking website with a unique domain, or start a food blog, and start earning with each advertising space you share on your website.