Peace and Love – the Basis of Islam

Islam-Peace-ReligionThere has recently been a great upheaval in the Islamic world. Civil wars and invasions have grown, and Muslims continue to be oppressed. Some people point to the wickedness in the Islamic world and foolishly seek to ascribe this to Islam itself. Yet, Islam is a religion of peace and love that prohibits corruption, killing and dispute. It is vitally important that this fact is well explained to everyone with verses from the Quran, and the month of Ramadan is an excellent time for doing it.

People are more loving and forgiving in the month of Ramadan, and those, who have fallen out, are reconciled. The moral values that prevail in the month of Ramadan facilitate a better understanding of the fact that Islam is a religion of love.

Islam calls for peace and respect

Our holy book, the Quran, is a true Book sent down by Allah (swt) to lead people to the true path and to moral virtues. The moral values commanded in the Quran are based on love and understanding. The word ‘Islam’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Salam’. Allah (swt) sent down Islam so that people might see the manifestations of His infinite love and compassion in the world and to lead lives based on peace:

“O you who believe! Enter perfectly in Islam (by obeying all the rules and regulations of the Islamic religion) and follow not the footsteps of Shaytan (Satan). Verily! He is to you a plain enemy.” (Al-Baqarah 2:208)

In this verse, our Lord explicitly states that Islam is a faith built on the foundations of love and affection. The Quran teaches us a conception of love that stems from faith and has a profound effect on the soul. Feelings of altruism, courage, generosity, love and protectiveness represent the essence of the conception of love in the Quran.

That is why Islam calls people to peace and encourages a life based on complete sincerity and honesty in the sight of Allah (swt). It is therefore, very important for every individual to accept and act on Allah’s (swt) provisions and commands respectively; in order to live by Islam in a sincere manner.

This is the basis of Islam, and is set out as follows in a verse: “There is no compulsion in the religion.” (Al-Baqarah 2:256)

As Allah (swt) explicitly commands in this verse, nobody can compel anyone else to live by Islam. The responsibility of believers is to tell people of the existence of Allah (swt) and the moral values of the Quran. Muslims, who wish to discharge that responsibility, tell other people about Islam in order to be instrumental in their salvation. They obey Allah’s (swt) command about “enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil” and summon others to His path with all sincerity. In discharging that responsibility, however, they never resort to compulsion, and they know that it is Allah (swt) alone who will lead people to salvation. This is set out in the Quran in the following verse:

“Verily! You (O Muhammad(sa)) guide not whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He knows best those who are the guided.” (Al-Qasas 28:56)

Islam offers freedom of religion and belief

The moral values of Islam offer freedom of thought and religion, and thus environment of liberty. In the eyes of Islam, everyone has the right to live by his own beliefs, or lack thereof. One can worship in a church, in a synagogue or in a mosque, as one wishes, or live a life of no belief at all. Freedom of religion and belief, are therefore another basic element of Islam.

Muslims, therefore, regard people of all faiths, races and nations as manifestations of Allah (swt) in this world and feel a profound love and affection for them. This is a fact that constitutes the foundation of societies that live by Islamic moral values.

Islam – a gateway to peace and security

The most important feature of a society, in which peace has been established, is security; there can never be peace without security. From that point of view, Islam provides the precondition for peace, and the only way to ensure security is to “enter Islam,” to live by the moral values of Islam.

According to the Quran, a Muslim has a duty to treat everyone with kindness and affection. Every Muslim has a responsibility to aid the needy, protect the weak and prevent the spread of corruption. And corruption means all forms of anarchy and acts of terror that might threaten security and peace. As Allah (swt) says in one verse: “…and Allah likes not mischief.” (Al-Baqarah 2:205)

The love taught in the Quran is true love; based on the love of Allah (swt) and His approval. That love is never weakened in the face of difficulty, and grows even deeper; despite time and errors. The words of our Prophet (sa) always contain advice concerning the increase in love.

Let the love flourish

Ata Al-Khursani relates: “Rasulullah (sa) said: “Shake hands to that the hatred leaves your hearts. Give gifts so that love is born among you and enmity ends.” (Muwatta, Husnu’l Khulq)

Lovelessness is one of the greatest problems of our time. When there is no trust, people regard one another as a threat, or as dangerous. They may easily attack one another in the street or they may suddenly explode in anger; but where there is trust, there is also love. When people are valued and where there is love and forgiveness, love will flourish there. It is important to seek the beauty and goodness in everything. Let us not forget, that only then, we can love to the maximum and enjoy the greatest delights of brotherhood.

Modern Women VS Modest Women

hidden flowerWomen with a purpose are very rare to find and the ones that do have an aim in life are aiming to become mere pebbles. Whereas, their Deen has given them the strength to become diamonds.

What has the world done to the woman? Is she merely a puppet for the marketing of beauty products, fancy clothes and jewellery? Doe she exist only to exhaust herself in attaining physical attractiveness and overlook the mind that she possesses and the heart that she has?  You need an ambition, something that fuels you to race with high speed, but racing in the right direction is all that matters.What is that right direction? Is it just wearing brands to look beautiful, or having Lore’al, Maybelline and Sunsilk to make us shine?

Among these shining stars was Aisha (rta), an encyclopedia of Fiqh and Hadeeth. She had a brilliant mind and remarkable memory. 

My dear sisters in Islam, real beauty is not as defined by the so called ‘modern woman’. These beauty ads, the fair skin and long beautiful hair are just the modern world’s ideal of beauty, and the ones that fail to attain this are considered ‘ugly ducklings’. In reality, ugly ducklings are the ones who fail to respect themselves, their minds and their bodies. If you realize the beautiful status that Islam gives you, the way it treats you like a hidden oyster in its shell, you will stop humiliating yourself by calling your unveiled attires ‘freedom’ and ‘modernity’, or as the nineteenth century English writers say ‘The New Woman’. You will then stop idealizing the heroines that appear on television. You will stop admiring them once you realize the eternally acceptable and valid definition of beauty.

Who were the true heroines of Islam? They were a reflection of patience, bravery and forbearance. Their beauty came from the Noor of Allah due to their noble conducts and selfless character. They were fair because they were pure and virtuous. They weren’t stuck in the trivial things in life we’re holding on to. Their days and their nights were spent praising their Lord. This doesn’t mean that they lacked intellectually. Their list of achievements and accomplishments is far greater than any woman alive today. They were thirsty for knowledge.

Among these shining stars was Aisha (rta), an encyclopedia of Fiqh and Hadeeth. She had a brilliant mind and remarkable memory. It is a sad fact that today we take actresses, singers, fashion designers and models as our role models and the women of Paradise who gave us real respect and status have been forgotten by us.

Who were the true heroines of Islam? They were a reflection of patience, bravery and forbearance. Their beauty came from the Noor of Allah due to their noble conducts and selfless character.

Today, we have no shame in walking on streets with backless and sleeveless clothes, we’re happy devaluing ourselves while Allah (swt) created us to be no less than diamonds. On the contrary, we work hard to become like the pebbles on the ground. If you had known how objectified the idea of ‘New woman’ has made you, you would hold on to the Muslim ideals with your teeth. If nakedness means modern, animals are naked too.

If you knew, how when you are a daughter you become the reason for your father to enter Jannah, when you are a mother, Jannah is under your feet and when you become a wife, you complete your other half’s Deen you would never humiliate yourselves by moulding your attitude and your character according to the so called modern woman because ‘Modest Woman’ is the truest, purest definition of beauty and is an epitome of ‘Super-Heroine’.

Rise again!

Let the world know how protected you’re. How precious you are. How dignified you are.