Personal Growth: Start With A Success-Oriented Mindset!


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Make a “magical chamber” for yourself. Heal, nourish, and grow yourself there, with the powers you are made from.


We as human beings need space for personal growth; I call that “space” a “magical chamber”. Our chambers might be cracked; they can be rusted on the inside and glossy on the outside. The condition of your chamber will depend on the quality of life you are living. Cracks and rust can be from bad life experiences, abusive relationships, fighting, eating disorders, and so on.


Below are the four ways to build a pure, safe chamber which promotes growth, no matter what you are going through.


  1. Growth demands strong roots of trust: Iman


A healthy growth requires strong roots and bonding with the ultimate foundation; that means strong faith in Allah (swt).


If someone gives you a plant to take care of, how do you think you will do it?


You will try to find out about the basic elements that the plant consists of and the basic things those elements need to grow properly.


Similarly, a process of growth demands strong foundation in Iman (faith in Allah (swt)).

When a tree has firm roots and healthy trunk and branches, it automatically produces good fruits. When we establish the firm roots of Iman in our heart, and the trunk and branches of the tree healthy, our quality of life improves.


  1. Growth demands transparency


Transparency means:

  • Accepting yourself
  • Accepting your story


Practising transparency means being vulnerable, being honest, and accepting yourself: complete honesty in where you’re at, what you’re struggling with, and the courage to chase that string down to find out why.


The more you practice transparency, the richer your growth will be.


  1. Growth demands space – “A stance” to firmly start your journey


This means that you must have a defined boundary: “The Non-Negotiables”. Things you will not allow to enter your life. Non-negotiable are also things you are no longer willing to negotiate about yourself because they crack your chamber and hinder your growth.

Some examples of “Non-Negotiables” can be your:

  • Standards
  • Passions
  • Truth
  • Voice
  • Worth


  1. Consistent efforts to build a safe chamber


With a strong Iman, start practising transparency and create a space for yourself; build a brand new chamber to grow and prosper as a person. We must keep building and rebuilding it. It’s a continuous practice, and as we do it, we get stronger and more skilful.





A Life-Changing Experience – Story Writing Competition


  • Do you wish others could learn from your experiences?
  • What is the most unbelievable thing that has happened to you?
  • What was that one moment that changed your perception about life and relationships?
  • Is there any highlight in your life that you want to share with others?

Hiba Magazine presents
“A Life-Changing Experience”
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The competition is open to all.

Word limit: 800 – 2000 words
Deadline: 15th April, 2013

The winner will receive a hiba Gift Pack and the story will be published in Hiba Magazine. Top five finalist entries will be published on Hiba’s blog, Insha’Allah!

Competition is now closed. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates!