Still Not Safe: Have a Smart Focus on Your Child

enjoy your lifeParenting has become a multifarious science in the modern milieu of living where kids are Google smart but parents still run on MS DOS. Let’s explore ways on how this job can be made simpler or rather fun for a parent in today’s “Smart” society.

The Home Remedy

The best alternative comes from within the house. We term it as the “Home Remedy”. The home remedy is using the elder sibling to watch out for the younger ones and vice versa. This strategy will develop a sense of teamwork, confidence and interaction between the parents and the kids. This way kids will consider keeping track of their siblings as one of their responsibilities. Ultimately, they will evolve as mature and responsible individuals.

Get smart with your Smart Phone

It is a famous saying that people with same challenges in life understand each other better as compared to those who have never gone through a similar challenge. Applying this allegory of words here, a mother can turn out to be an ideal aide for another mother. Let me tell you how you mothers can be in league and an aide to each other. If your kid says that he is going to X’s place to study or to attend a social gathering, the first thing you as a mother should do is to call X’s mother and confirm it.

Keep a Hawk’s eye

It is observed that majority of youngsters start to dope while doing a group study at a friend’s house or something similar that the parents would just overlook. The smartest way to keep a kid unpolluted is by evaluating his or her mental state after such informal get-togethers and late night parties. Kids are smart and they will make excuses of fever or something to keep you away. Act smarter and insist on taking them to see a doctor for a blood test.

A Thorough Screening

Books are one’s best friends, and the youth presently acknowledge this fact by keeping everything evil hidden in their books that are zipped in their schoolbags. A thorough room check is necessary, not forgetting the drawers and pillows. Your kids ought to be foolproof.

Hence, there are numerous other ways to keep our children safe and prove ourselves as smarter parents. The only thing we need to do is to think creatively and help each other to achieve our collective goal. Youngsters are indeed smart but bound to transgress due to their docility and immaturity. This is our responsibility to keep the runway clean so that they may takeoff comfortably with the right prospects in life, without any distraction. Remember you need to first Get smart, then Connect and Protect!

May Allah (swt) protect our children from all the evil elements in our society and make us better guardians for them.  Ameen