Meant to be Together Forever

Herbaceous border in full bloom at Priorwood Garden, Melrose, BoFor him, it was a non-ending night. Everything seemed sad. He was facing something he could never think of. It was something that ruined his happiness forever.

While gazing at the dark, cloudy sky through the window, he was thinking why people go so far away from this world, leaving behind others unhappy. Tears dropped out of his eyes as he thought about his loving brother who had died about a week ago. “It is hard to live without you my brother.” He whispered. He had lost a brother who was his inspiration to Deen. He not only loved him because he was his brother, but also because he was a practicing Muslim.

Everything in their room was making him recall the eighteen years he had spent with his only sibling. The football lying at the side on the floor, their favourite books on the shelves and the tennis balls in the basket were making him feel lonely. They were not only brothers, but best friends indeed. Both of them used to go Masjid together, had the same friends and same interests. He opened the common wardrobe and found out the favourite shirt of his beloved brother. It was still aromatized with his beautiful smell. “I wish we could live together forever,” he said to himself, “but no one on this earth lived forever, each and every person has to die.” He thought.

Quran – The Spiritual Healer

He opened the Quran (for he knew that it is the cure for restless hearts), started reciting “Gardens of perpetual bliss: they shall enter there as well as the righteous among their fathers, their spouses and their offspring.”

While reading these lines, he fell asleep and met his brother in his dream where he hugged him and said: “I love you with the core of my heart my pious brother, I hope you acquire Jannah, I will try to do good deeds like you and with Allah’s (swt) mercy we will meet in paradise Insha’Allah. And there we will live together forever!”