Date Palm Education System

Vol 4-Issue 3 Date palm education systemAllah’s Messenger (sa) said: “Amongst the trees, there is a tree, the leaves of which do not fall and is like a Muslim. (…) It is the date-palm tree.” (Bukhari) This was the inspiration for the name of Fozia Ahsan Farooqi’s school – Date Palm Education System. Disillusioned by the emphasis on fancy campuses over quality education by most schools, Fozia Ahsan wanted to build a school, which highlighted the holistic development of the child, making him what the Prophet (sa) desired of a true Muslim.

“Children are like flowers, they need to be nurtured with care,” Fozia Ahsan explains. The date palm is symbolic to her mission: “Its roots (a symbol of emotional stability) uphold the trunk signifying academic excellence, leading to a value based approach to life – the leaves and fruit of the date palm.”

In her seventeen years long teaching experience, Fozia Ahsan has had the opportunity to observe and evaluate the learning development of children. Her observations helped her to develop a series of books entitled “Urdu Ka Guldasta” (“Urdu’s Bouquet”) published by the Oxford University Press (one of their online bestsellers) and devise Urdu school syllabi as Urdu coordinator at Generations’ School, where she previously worked. As she taught children, she continued to work on the methods for making learning easy and fun. She applied different learning techniques in the classroom, noted their effects and then worked towards having other teachers apply them as well. Fozia uses her experiences to make education a nourishing experience for the students of Date Palm Education System.

In order to infuse values into our society, Fozia’s school curriculum includes a daily class introducing to students the lessons found within the Quran. Various Ayahs are taught and their meanings adapted to meet the understanding level of students.

For parents, who desire their children memorize the Quran, Date Palm Education offers a Hifz program. The Islamiyat teachers are proficient in Tajweed and are Hafiz themselves. The school plans to make the memorization of the Quran a part of their regular academic timetable, so that the entire Quran would be completed by the time children would graduate. Fozia Ahsan understands that just as regular academic subjects are taught gradually through out the schooling years, the Quran should also be taught steadily, so that it sits firmly in the child’s mind.

Fozia Ahsan also realizes that for providing academic excellence you need excellent teachers. Dedicated teachers should know their subject well and have passion for teaching. Furthermore, she feels that many teachers simply are not informed about the tools that can make teaching an enriching experience. As a trainer for the Teachers’ Resource Center, she has seen first hand the positive effects of workshops for teachers. Thus, after the school hours and during school vacations, Date Palm Education System organizes for teachers and interested parents workshops on such topics as child counselling, working with teenagers and using audio-visual aids in teaching Islamiyat. By equipping teachers with the necessary skills, she hopes to improve our overall academic culture and ensure a better future for our children.

Date Palm Education System currently has classes from pre-nursery to grade 5 and plans to grow with addition grades every year. May Allah (swt) aid Fozia Ahsan and her team at Date Palm Education to achieving their dream of nurturing the children of today into the Momins of tomorrow. Ameen.

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