“The International Jew!” History Speaks

zionism-t-horse587 BCE – Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar razed the Jewish Heichal in Jerusalem to the ground and carried tens of thousands of Jews to his country as captives.

70 CE – Roman commander Titus killed hundreds of Jews in Jerusalem and dismantled their re-constructed Heichal.

1100 to 1500 CE – Thousands of Jews expelled from Germany.

1228 CE – Jews were ordered to wear a distinctive badge over their garments.

1266 CE – Polish churches commanded that the Jews should never settle in the Christian cities.

1321 CE – 160 Jews buried in a ditch in France.

1355 CE – Violent crowds murdered twelve thousand Jews in Spain.

1391 CE – Massacre of Jews organized in Sicily, Italy.

1421 CE – Many hundreds of Jews forced to leave France.

1492 CE – 160,000 Jews debarred from Spain.

1492 CE – 20,000 Jews murdered in Spain, while crossing the borders of the country.

1494 CE – Jews commanded in Cracow, Poland, to confine themselves to Ghettos only.

1498 CE – Not a single Jew permitted to settle inside Portugal.

1540 CE – All the Jews expelled from Naples.

King-Krane Comission

A commission titled King-Krane was formed by the then US president Woodrow Wilson in 1919. It was sent to Arab areas to record the sentiments and opinions of the Arabs regarding the establishment of a new Jewish state within Palestine.

After a detailed and thorough survey, the Commission opined:

  1. 90% of the Palestinian population is non-Jew and is therefore absolutely against such an idea.
  2. Still, however, if such a state is established, the Palestinians would expel the Jews from their homeland forcefully.
  3. With the establishment of any such state, rights of the Palestinians are bound to get jeopardized.
  4. Zionist leaders should honour the desires of the Palestinian inhabitants and seek some other land for the purpose.
  5. Establishment of a new Jewish state does not mean that the land of Palestine should be made target.
  6. No such state can come into existence, unless the rights of the already settled non-Jew population are grossly violated.
  7. Whosoever the British official contacted, responded unanimously that crafting of a new Jewish homeland is not possible, without applying an illegitimate force and terrorism over the Palestinians.
  8. Zionists do intend the total annihilation of the non-Jewish inhabitants.

The King-Krane Commission’s Report had thus revealed explicitly that the Zionists working for the establishment of their homeland in the past had been doing it entirely against the wishes and desires of the centuries old local Arab population.


Today Jews are doing exactly the same, as they did in the past, disregarding all the internationally acclaimed rules and regulations. We must, therefore, keep in mind that the Jews is in no sense a nation, rather a racist, fascist and a land-grabbing community. Their tolerance as a nation means violation of all the standard world political norms and practices.

As a saying goes: “You cannot understand the world, unless you understand the Jews.” The world, no doubt, is regulated by the Jews only.