AlKauthar Institute – Spreading Enlightenment through Education

logoBy Alana Owais

AlKauthar Institute came from humble beginnings in Australia with an inventive approach to Islamic education. A flagship project of Mercy Mission, AlKauthar aims at providing an enriched Islamic instruction through the English medium and modern technology. It intends to attract today’s bright and eager Muslims, who are pursuing traditional Islamic values and want to cater to the needs of the Ummah. AlKauthar also hopes to achieve a resonance of academic excellency amongst the ‘model Muslim citizens’ to expand its reach of philanthropy and Islamic values within local communities. These efforts will hopefully lead AlKauthar to become a household name globally and contribute to its network of sister projects and partners for an even larger impact across the globe, Insha’Allah.

Thanks to the efforts of Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury, CEO and Chairman of Mercy Mission, a dedicated front has been made through AlKauthar Institute, laying a strong foundation of Mercy Mission in Pakistan. Mercy Mission is the umbrella organization that surveys the various Dawah projects such as AlKauthar, to advance its vision of academically empowering Muslims transcending past idle knowledge and using it in peaceful action.

AlK made its debut in Karachi during June of 2013 and since then has organized three courses in total. It launched with ‘Heart Therapy’, which focused on the spiritual core of human beings: the soul. This course prepared and equipped students with the tools to identify and cleanse the heart and soul of its diseases, such as corruption, ostentation, and hatred. The course content of ‘Heart Therapy’ was most intriguing because it prescribed practical solutions for Muslims who wish to deal with these typical ailments.

Similarly, each and every course of AlK has been specialized for this purpose: to provide the modern Muslim with practical solutions in Deen and therefore, in life as well. Alhumdulillah. One brother from the AlK community says: “We live in a time where it often becomes easy to get distracted from our true purpose in life. Every now and then we need a nudge in the right direction; that is the AlKauthar experience: the nudge to get you back on track.” Another amazing aspect of AlK is the diversity it brings. Its course conductors are from across the globe with multi-talented backgrounds of Islamic and secular education and experience. As students listen to them, they are given a summary guide to those scholars’ entire life’s research. One local medical student who attended AlK says: “The courses are brilliantly designed and conducted by highly qualified, professional, and dedicated Islamic Instructors who have empowered me with the true teachings of Islam. These courses have not only instilled immense knowledge but have also been a driving force for me to put this knowledge into action!”

AlKauthar Institute is a non-profit organization, but there is a fee associated with the registration to any AlK course. The fee is used to fund the resources for each event. If you register for a class and pay the fees, you can expect well-prepared course materials like complete course manuals and audio files of the entire course, two days of lunch and refreshments, a mother’s room for mothers with young children, and online registration to a vast network of Islamic resources. Plus, the fees cover the expense costs of the speakers travelling from all over the world just to come and share their research-based information with you. The remaining sum goes to financial assistance programmes for students who really want to attend but cannot afford it.

The next course of AlK will take place on April 19th and 20th, Insha’Allah! Titled, ‘The Worst of the Worst,’ this is a unique course designed to interpret the characters of the Quran’s historical villainous figures such as Satan, Pharaoh, and Dajjal and derive lessons of life while separating fact from fiction.

In the words of Chairman and CEO Shaykh Tawfique Chowdhury, “Worst of the Worst is an attempt to educate people about the worst of creation – Dajjal, Pharoh, Iblees – so that we don’t follow their path and steer clear of them.” This course will be taught by Sheikh Furqan Jabbar who was born in Melbourne, Australia and has been a student of Islamic studies in various schools from Karachi to the King Saud University in Riyadh.

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