Confide in Who? Him or You?

fireworksLife is unpredictably weird. We don’t understand what it wants from us. It shows us its bright side- full of colors and happiness, but we tend to end up in the shades of darkness. If certain things are not meant for us, then why do we even get a glimpse of them? When some people share their achievement with the people around them, especially their family; they all get so excited for them. Excitement is just a gesture to portray that they are happy. But, here in our lives everything goes in an opposite direction.

Whenever we convey any good news to some people- they do get happy for a few moments, but then they are back to sort out their problems, regardless of the fact that someone has shared something with them. In such a situation, we must try our best cope up with everyone in the best possible manner.

Maybe, we are seeking our ultimate happiness in the wrong direction. Maybe, these achievements are not the only happiness for us; or the people with whom we are sharing the news are not the right ones who could bring cherish moments to us. And, we might have relied on wrong sources for wrong reasons. Well, we cannot wholly blame it on the people around us- after all they all are human beings. They will make mistakes, they will let you down, and they will not react the way you want them to. Hence, we are wrong from the very beginning. But, if we are wrong, then what is the right solution?

Who to confide into?

Okay, the simple solution is to share your news or achievements first and foremost with your Lord, who actually granted you that opportunity. Thank Him, praise Him, and value His power; take out everything in front of him, like- how you did it, what hurdles you faced or how you tackled the drift, even share that how you feel about it after achieving such a big thing in your life. Share it like you are sharing something with someone most important, who will surely understand you and will utterly be happy for you. And on a serious note- yes He will be happy for you; and secondly, He will actually listen to you (Who in today’s world is ready to give you time and listen to your struggle story?). He will regard you; He will make you feel better and positive. And, while sharing your precious news with your Lord, you will face no criticism or “the comments”.

“Expect from others, and expect to be disappointed. Expect from the Almighty, and He will provide. He will also pave the way for greater things.”
-Mufti Ismail Menk

How to confide in your Lord?

How should we deliver our thanks and praise to Him. One very simple way is to pray two Rakat extra prayer in order to say “Thank You” to your Lord. This way you will be thankful to your Lord’s blessing that He had bestowed upon you. You are able to share your news with Someone very special; and doing this you will be getting a reward as well. Moreover, it doesn’t mean, that you stop sharing your news or achievements with your family or people. You should share it with them, but after the above process for you will not be disappointed Insha’Allah. In the end, life is unpredictable but it is not weird at all; our approach, understanding and our reasoning makes our life weird. We need to change our approach towards life and life will turn out to be beautiful, Insha’Allah!

“The secret of happiness is accepting where you are in life, making the most out of every day, and always looking to Allah (swt) for what’s ahead.”
–Dr. Bilal Philips