Miscalculations of Thought

genderequalSome days back, I happened to read an article written by some lady doctor in an English daily. There she had lamented over the cruelties the womenfolk are facing severely at the hands of the men in our society.  After quoting quite a few instances, she concluded that this all happens due to the sad fact of “domination of males over women in every sphere of life.  Should the society convert to a female domination, all such painful incidents would vanish”, she opined.

I do not know what the other scholars  would  like to speak over this sort of conclusion, but this much  is  clear  that it is  just  a hasty  analysis arrived at,  disregarding the  multiple  hard  realities. This also portrays how adversely we arrive at decisions while our concepts remain unclear.

Let us assume that the things take a sudden turn and come into a perfect equation with the doctor’s aspirations: the domination vests into the hands of the females.  What then will be the outcome?  Will the society start enjoying a peaceful and comfortable life?   Will the affairs bestow their “proper” bounties to the ladies?

The question in fact is not of a ‘male or female domination’. The truth of the situation is that the power and authority may fetch cruel results if practiced unchecked. Many women are dominant in Pakistan, rather in the world, at various capacities at their workplaces. The question arises obviously:  has the environment altered altogether there, and have the women felt a sigh of relief?  Do the commanding ladies not practice tortures and exaction of their female subordinates, (leave aside the male employees)?  Likewise, each house-wife remains almost in a continued confrontation at her home with her husband’s mother or daughter-in-law spoiling the mental peace of the entire family- a daily business. In families where   luckily or unluckily polygamy prevails, the two co-partners (simultaneous wives) remain in a continued battle although both happen to be the legal and genuine wives of the same gentleman. There are also numerous cases where the nannies, (the ‘maasees)’ are inhumanely treated by their lady employers.  One can also find a number of female authorities dominating in the private and public sectors proving to be no less corrupt in their departments than their male counterparts.

I too have come across a few lady government officials who proved to be the most corrupt person, and were found involved in heavy bribes. Likewise,  anyone may  come  across  the rumours  circulating in the corridors of  any government  office  regarding  the  misappropriations  and stone-heartedness of the  female bosses where  subordinate lady staff  is rarely  spared of their  tortures, harassments, and injustices.

the old integrated family-system of the West  has now gone a story of the past. The quantum of sexual, mental, and physical abuses against the females appearing on the surface is something very terrible.

Still however, I say, if the things happen just in the pattern to the aspirations of the respected lady, the question persists of whether the cases of such injustices and corruptions would reduce to zero?  Would everything go rosy?


The pleaders of the female liberty claim that the practice of exercising “unwanted” bindings over the women is the result of a male domination only. But talking so, they omit to fathom how terrible results have manifested out of these misconceptions!  They have failed to assess that these “wise” women have proved to be a demon that refuses to return to its original bottle. The solutions recommended by them proved to be only fatal to the society. Illegitimate children as well as broken families are just two of its vivid damages.  Western ladies are in no more a mood to pay heed to any good advice advanced in their favour deeming that as their insult only. This is why the old integrated family-system of the West  has now gone a story of the past. The quantum of sexual, mental, and physical abuses against the females appearing on the surface is something very terrible.

Also  the women  have  very rare  exhibited  the quality expected out of them, that is of  an  independent  and instant decision-cum- administration  skill.  It is their built-in  nature, not the male dominance,  that hampers their  advancement  in exact equation to their male counterparts   Male dominance, in fact is not a fabricated and concocted  phenomenon but  a  natural  one, right from  the very birth of the first man . This is why the supremacy the men enjoy over  their counterparts (the women)  in every walk of life  is a vital fact prevailing all over the world, of which Europe is also no exception. In  continents,  where constitutional  rights and equal status  have already  been  guaranteed  by the authorities for ladies , it is a  dream yet  to materialize in essence.

Remedy to such injustices sought in the form of permitting the ladies a full-fledged liberty some 150 years ago, materialized never a truth, simply due to its being contrary to the very human nature.

Any remedy  forwarded  by-passing the very divine guidance  proves  not mere  an exercise futile, but also  a developer of   additional  problems for the mankind.  

Let us here peep a while inside the capitalist system of life.  Upon exercising harsh and unbelievable cruelties upon its workers remorselessly, there arose a revolt and anguish among the workers. Strikes, lock-ups, and agitations developed. Remedy sought by the then learned people to reform that system was just opposite to that:  Rule of the labourers with stress to their importance in the process of production. In place of reforming, the existing pitfalls of the old capitalistic system, the radicals deemed it proper to reject it altogether, and propound a new economic order.  What happened thereafter was that the Communism, implemented in the name of workers proved another unjustified tyrant system for the workers. The workers were belittled, insulted, and treated like slaves with no right of say into the affairs of the business. In this new economic order, the standard bearers, the labourers, found that they have been befooled again. They were directed to mind only their designated jobs  without interfering into the society or the government  matters, They then lost their  self-opinions, and were turned  into the state property  who would provide them  thenceforth the means  what the state  found  fit for them. Their remuneration was  to remain fixed, irrespective of their skill or the amount of their production; and they would have to abstain forming  trade unions,  as the factories and workplaces where they were  employed,   their “own” properties. Likewise, they also lost the opportunities to seek   jobs of their self-choice.

This all in fact was a phenomenon contrary to the very human nature. It, therefore, lets the workers go slow in their jobs and loose interest in the production, leading to another big disaster in the industries.



An incorrect step of revival, led the state of affairs deteriorate further.

“Liberate the womenfolk and permit them the right of property-ownership and a say in the formation, and functioning of the  governments”, was a unified popular slogan raised by the intellectuals and the ladies both a century before. “Why are they being treated as a 2nd class citizen when they do possess the faculties similar to their counterparts?” They argued. “Sitting inside the homes is an insult to our personality and capability”, they stressed.

Conclusion: Any remedy  forwarded  by-passing the very divine guidance  proves  not mere  an exercise futile, but also  a developer of   additional  problems for the mankind.   By “divine guidance” we sure mean, “the teachings of the Quran and the Apostle (sa) of Allah (swt)” since the religions other than Islam have long been corrupted, Islam appears the only true guidance. Says Allah (swt) in His Holy Book, “Certainly, to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth. Surely, He knows your condition and (He knows) the Day when they will be brought back to Him, then He will inform them of what they did. And Allah is All-Knower of everything.” (An-Nur 24:64)

Stray thoughts do no service to the society save spoiling it.  This is the Qoul ul Fasl; a fact settled for ever.