Chasing Away the Clutter: The Bedroom and the Closet

Target Areas in Bedrooms

  • Clothing (closets, drawers, and shoes)
  • Dresser tops (jewellery, change, receipts, buttons, photos)
  • Nightstand tops and drawers
  • Magazines/books
  • Throw pillows (a few are decorative, too many is clutter)
  • Under your bed
  • Television
  • Toys
  • Linens – you only need two sets, one on the bed and one extra to put on while washing the others. Keep them in the appropriate bedroom.


 Clothing and closets need special attention:

  • Start by taking everything out and make a quick once through.
  • Toss into the keep, donate, or fix pile.
  • Dust out the closet and examine each item before putting it back in.
  • Ask yourself is it something you really need or like? Does it fit?
  • Group clothes by use; daily wear, party wear, summer, winter and then by colour.
  • Turn all the hangers around backwards. As you wear each item, put it back in to your closet with the hanger the correct way. After six months or after the season has finished, you can see what you have worn and what you haven’t to re-evaluate the need for those clothes.
  • Make a conscious effort to reduce spending by decreasing shopping and mall trips for at least 90 days.
  • Shopping can be a habit that needs to be broken. Purchase only when necessary. Stop going to the mall so you’re not tempted to buy unnecessary items.
  • If you do purchase something new, get rid of the old item it replaced.
  • Wear fewer colours so there won’t be a need for all the extra accessories, shoes, purses, jewellery.
  • Set a purchase limit and make a list before heading to the mall and stick to it.
  • Go with a specific purpose and not to shop the sale racks.
  • Purchase quality over quantity. If you can spend a little more upfront for something that will last longer and get more use, it is well worth it.
  • If you have multiple children, pack away the unused clothing sorted by size, gender, and season. Before you pack it all away mindlessly, go through and evaluate the condition of the clothing. Why pack away worn, stained, holey clothes now just to be done away with later. When it is needed, pull it out.
  • Consider using an elder’s tossed pile clothing, if it is in good condition; sew it into the latest season’s design.