The Fallen Stars


By Rana Rais Khan – Editor, Hiba Magazine

We have heard about the tragic deaths of many celebrities. They rose, they conquered and they shattered. They were gifted people. They had both ambition and opportunities. But when they reached the zenith of their success, their fate catapulted…

Whether it was John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe, Parveen Babi, Heath Ledger, Divya Bharti, Amy Winehouse or Michael Jackson – somewhere down the road, after achieving all that a person desires in this world, they all met a lonely, tragic death.

But why? These people were worshipped by millions of fans around the world. Why and how could they be lonely? Were they insecure, despite being the epitome of fashion and style? They had enough money to last a lifetime – what haunted them?

The truth is that the stars we admire and emulate are also people like us, and they have their own demons to slay. Leading a life under the public’s microscope, and pleasing millions across the world is not easy.

A news channel reporter once explained why Michael Jackson underwent countless painful cosmetic surgeries. The reason was that his father used to pick on him for being the darkest and the ugliest of all the siblings.

Reuters reported: “Whitney Houston, whose soaring voice lifted her to the top of the music world but whose personal decline was fuelled by years of drug use, was found dead in her Beverly Hills hotel room at 48 years of age.”

Parveen Babi, the Indian actress, was found dead in her house several days after she passed away. When it was time for her burial, no one knew what rites to follow because no one knew what religion she belonged to, if any. Once loved by all, she was utterly alone when she died.

British singer, Amy Winehouse, was found dead at her apartment in London. She was only 27 years old. She had won five Grammy Awards and sold millions of albums. But before she died, she had drug and drinking problems and had taken a divorce.

Scores of books can be penned about the misery of these “stars”. Happiness has very little to do with how famous you are and how much money you have. Junaid Jamshaid, former singer, put it aptly: “The human soul has been sent from the sky by Allah (swt); hence, it also needs to be satisfied from things that are divine – the Quran, which was sent by Allah (swt). The body was made with clay, so it needs to be satisfied with what the soil produces in terms of food and water.” However, we indulge the body but leave the soul to starve.

Allah (swt) wants humans to reach a level of piety and goodness. He keeps offering them chances throughout their lives to turn over a new leaf. Satan, on the other hand, tries to lead us to the abyss of doom. No matter what justifications or theories any one presents, the rule is simple: if we obey Allah (swt), our hearts remain happy and content; if we obey Satan, our life becomes living hell.

Turning a blind eye doesn’t change the reality. Popular culture and comfortable acceptance of immodesty doesn’t alter the Fitrah that is here to stay forever. Show business demands Allah’s (swt) disobedience. Regardless of the charity work done and the donations collected for noble causes, the pain will not go away unless the root cause is addressed.

We should keep in mind that supporting people on the road to disbelief includes our patronage of all that they do. We, too, are partners in crime by creating a demand and encouraging them to keep up with the supply. Allah (swt) will question us along with those who actually practice disobedience.

Let us pray that all our extremely talented and gifted brothers and sisters across the globe learn to willingly embrace guidance, serve the Creator, and lead contented lives. “…Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest.”(Ar-Ra’d, 13:28)