A Deliberate Choice – Hip Hop or the Word of Allah (swt)?

quran_musicAllergic reaction to a dead soul

No no no, his eyes were like scorching sun.

“Stop it! Just shut it up! I can’t take it!” said Huzaifa in an irritable tone to his mother.

“Sigh! All my life I sang lullabies for you to fall asleep. Your ears are now immune to the beat that the word of Allah (swt) can no longer enter your heart. It is only Satan who flees when the Quran is recited. What have I done to you my child? I have caused your heart to rust. It is now covered with a thick layer of melody and filthy words.”

Is it not horrifying? How can you tolerate it as a mother that your child- the apple of your eye- gets closer to the extreme torture of hell fire?

Unintentional impact- little things, weigh more!

The other day, I was going somewhere where an obnoxious filthy song struck my ears. Astaghfirullah slipped from my mouth the very moment, and I put fingers in my ears to block it. But to my surprise, the lyrics captivated my heart and tongue for a week or so. The moment we come across any beat- our fingers tap, legs and head move with the rhythm, waist twists and shakes to the beat. It is the trap of Satan that he glitters dirt, so it may appeal our eyes; thus, makes us closer to the wrath of Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) says in the Quran,

And of mankind is he who purchases idle talks (i.e. music, singing, etc.) to mislead (men) from the Path of Allah without knowledge, and takes it (the Path of Allah, the Verses of the Quran) by way of mockery. For such there will be a humiliating torment (in the Hell-fire).” (Luqman 31:6)

A painless hit

Laghw (vain words and actions) includes anything that is unnecessary and diverts mind from serious thinking and takes you far from the remembrance of Allah (swt). For instance, when you are endorsed in a romantic novel, you tend to forget everything around. Be it your five obligatory prayers. Is it acceptable?

Prophet Muhammad (sa)  mentioned fifteen things which when acquired by Ummah will lead to disaster. Singing and dancing is one of those fifteen habits.

Music and its repercussions

Music has horrific effects on its listeners. It is like passive smoking- causes a menace to the listener, and others to whom it is audible. Thus, it creates a chain of sinners from the producer, writer, singer, composer and listener. For those, who undermine the truth of this sin, and are addicted to songs and music- they cannot deny the unhealthy biological effects that it has on human body. It takes you closer to heedlessness, shamelessness; takes away humanity and makes you view woman as a sex object, a tissue paper that you use and throw.

Biological effects

Social effects

Music stimulates sympathetic nervous system.  Becomes unaware of surroundings.
It causes excitement and mental tension- which contribute to madness (mania- sudden laughter or non-sensical talks), ulcers, and heart diseases. Children get immune to suggestive moves and sex appealing lyrics.
It disturbs digestion and causes ulcers. Dale Carnegie said that violence, anger and mental tension cause ulcers. Gives rise to lust or illicit thoughts about the opposite gender.
Leads to abnormal secretion of hormones such as- adrenalin which causes blood clots that leads to a heart attack. It leads to adultery. The Holy Prophet (sa) said: “Singing is a ladder to adultery.”
Can cause rheumatisms- temporary/ permanent deafness. Supported by doctor Charles Lebo, of the Pacific Medical Centre. Causes crime rates to rise.
Mental stability is affected.
It may create insomnia (lack of sleep).


Music is to the soul, what words are to the mind

Singing gives rise to lust in man, which ultimately gives out bad consequences. Not only he who sings, but also, the one who listens attentively to it becomes negligent towards Allah (swt) and is ready for immoral deeds.(For more: Read the biological reactions of excited hormones, music is one of the causes- http://raymondinegypt.tripod.com/articles-04/love-chemistry.htm)

Music is an intoxicant- it makes one forget one’s surroundings; and one does not know what is happening to him or her. The following episode is a good example of the effect of music: Frank King is reported in ‘Reader’s Digest’ as saying:

“I returned home one evening and noticed a large red mark that looked like a burn on my wife’s right cheek. When I asked her what had happened she sheepishly told me the story. She set up the iron-board in the living room, so that she could watch a favourite television programme while doing the ironing. The telephone table was also near. As she was intently watching TV, the phone rang, and she reached out automatically and answered the iron.”

Music alters and tunes your thinking ability and cognition. It trains your mind to think and behave in a specific manner. They are spending millions and billions each year to promote filth, pollute minds and keep hearts away from the word of Allah (swt).

Moreover, some researches advocate that lyrics and tones have contributed to nefarious crimes such as rape and massacre. A known Indian singer YoYo Singh has been criticized on his lyrics as they depict molestation and fiendishness after the incident of December 2012 gang rape.

Check http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-22520583.

Play the moments, pause the memories, stop the pain

The above known quote explains why we opt for music. People choose music to nullify their pain and agony. What does it contain? It comprises of an unsuccessful lover and a lost love, description of a woman’s bodily parts, words that may easily unbalance your emotions and sexual desires. It has a tendency to alter your moods in a second. A sad song will land you in a state of sadness.  Highly motivated lyrics will make you live and die for the esteem of your country.

Silence will not protect you

Some people rigidly try not to nourish their souls by any such bash. Suppression and compression are their tools. They become silent when they encounter any musical gathering. Putting finger in your ears is not the solution. It is a slow poison that ruins our spiritual roots and character. Taming of Nafs is important on an individual level as well as communal level. It needs a whole white wash. You cannot pretend that you have controlled the extraneous factors that will dirty your soul. You may strictly ban music in your home. But, what about shopping malls, restaurants and wedding ceremonies? Will you do a social boycott? Will this influence the massive turnover generated from these instruments and songs? Might not!

A big win!

A mediocre way is to channelize the Nafs and not to tether it. Nafs is a stubborn horse- you need to train it, not leash it. It is like a rubber band- the more you stretch it, the stronger it will come back to you. This way it will hurt you harder. For instance, you might have witnessed a toddler moving along with the beat or any other rhythmic sound. It is very natural to feel angry on that. But, it would be wise to control and not to shout your head off. A better tactical approach is to distract the kids towards Islamic Nasheeds and Muslim rhymes which has no music (like Madinah Tunnabi, kids land Al-Huda). It is but natural to feel good listening to soft voices, chirping of birds or the melodious whistling of water. It is innate. It attracts you and it is a fact. Try to divert this craving to lawful things. We can opt for good Quran reciters who recite the verses and do not sing them.