Admit Your Faults – Liberate Yourself

Strengths_WeaknessesI was sitting in the university bus, returning home from university when the bus driver tried to make me angry.

“Muhammad Bhai, you always get angry at little things…” He said.

“Oh, I don’t.” I replied.

“Yes you do!” He said.

Now one thing came into my mind. If I say no again, he will repeat his words. Then I will get angry and he will say that I became angry.

“Nasir Bhai! I am extremely sorry if I lost temper. You know, I am not a good fellow. I always get angry. You are right and I am wrong……”

“No problem, but don’t get angry, okay.”  Nasir said.

Then, I started talking about people and personalities. We talked as friends. And at last, my home came. The reason why I am sharing this story is that we should learn to be patient. Never lose temper even if someone abuses you. Tell him to “speak calmly”, or do something to change topic; or best of all- stay quiet.

Once there came a man who started abusing Hazrat Abu Bakar (ra). He (ra) stayed quiet. The Prophet (sa) was smiling at him. But, in the end, He (ra) couldn’t resist and said something in reply. The Prophet (sa) told Abu Bakar (ra) that when you were quiet, the angels were fighting for you. When you spoke, the angels left.

There are some people in the world who love to be angry and be mad at someone, but it is your duty to stay quiet.

“A warrior is not the one who defeats his enemy. A warrior is the one who is patient, and doesn’t get angry.” (Prophet Muhammad (sa))