Treating Dengue the Herbal Way


Dengue fever is an infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted through a particular type of mosquito. It can also be transferred between humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. High fever, skin rash, dehydration, and severe joint and muscle pains are early symptoms of dengue fever. There is no medical cure for dengue. Prevention is the only cure, except a few herbal treatments available for patients.

It is suggested to take fresh juices, lots of water and other fluids as soon as the symptoms are evident, without waiting for test results, as the disease may progress and cause damage to vital bodily organs. Dengue fever can cause deficiency of fluids in the body. Fluid replenishment is essential to reinstate liquid loss and lower the fever.

Fruit Juices

Juices of sweet melon, orange, apple and pomegranate are effective for increasing the platelet count. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey in apple juice to increase its therapeutic properties. These juices nourish the body and strengthen the immune system in order to build up resistance against the virus.

Extract of Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaf extract is very beneficial for natural treatment of dengue fever. Take two fresh leaves of papaya, pound and squeeze out the juice and take one tablespoon twice a day. If it tastes bitter, add a few drops of some other juice.

Holy Basil

Holy basil (Tulsi) is a powerful healing herb and can also be used for the treatment of dengue fever. Juice of holy basil leaves mixed in fresh water should be given to the patient every 2 to 3 hours. This will help bring down the fever. Tea of basil leaves is also very effective in reducing the temperature.

Fenugreek Leaves

When it comes to natural remedies for dengue fever, fenugreek leaves (Methi) cannot be ignored. Herbal tea made with fenugreek leaves is good for relieving fever. Slightly roast fenugreek leaves, powder them and use two teaspoonfuls when preparing tea. Strain and drink warm with a bit of clarified butter.

A dengue fever patient should rest and use mosquito nets to prevent bites and help break the cycle of transmission of disease. It is essential to follow a healthy diet based on liquid juices. Besides the aforementioned home remedies, consulting a qualified doctor is very important.

Treating Constipation the Herbal Way

Hot ginger tea

What is constipation?

Constipation is a problem of the digestive system, which is troubled when food is not easily digesting and bowel movements are delayed. Constipation is not an illness, but it is the root of many diseases.

Causes of constipation

There are several factors that contribute to constipation: stress, spicy food, irregular meal times, insufficient water intake, unhygienic food, lack of exercise and low fiber diet.

Natural remedies

  • The easiest available natural remedy is water. Drink eight glasses of water daily.
  • Drink two glasses of warm water daily in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • Pears, grapes, guava, and papayas have the properties to fight constipation. Therefore, include these fruits in your daily diet.
  • Ginger tea is effective in alleviating constipation. Make tea by steeping five slices of ginger in hot water.
  • Try a grandmother’s remedy for constipation: mix one tablespoon Ispaghol in one glass of lukewarm water and drink in the morning.
  • Have a glass of water with lemon juice and pinch of salt to help reduce the discomfort of digestive system.
  • Soak 5-6 figs in water overnight. Eat the figs and drink the water in the morning.
  • Take a glass of warm milk along with dates every night before bed. Chew a date then take some sips of the milk.
  • Green tea is also a natural remedy for constipation.

Prevention is better than cure

  • Stick to a healthy diet.
  • Stay away from junk food, cakes, and caffeine.
  • Load your meal with fruit, green vegetables, whole grain, beans, and other fiber rich food to beat constipation.
  • Chew your food properly.
  • Adopt a healthy and well balanced life style.
  • Engage in regular physical activities, especially walking and jogging.

Dealing with Insomnia

Apr 11 - insomnia

By Amber Saleem

Causes and Symptoms

People suffering from insomnia can notice its symptoms during the day: lack of concentration, confusion, memory lapse, emotional instability, daytime sleepiness, and/or anxiety.

Causes of insomnia differ from person to person. Most common causes are excessive stress and anxiety, tension, anger, physical pain, constipation, over-eating before going to bed, excessive intake of coffee or tea, and anger.

Home Remedies

  • Drink a cup of warm milk with honey. It will act as a tranquillizer.
  • Mash a ripe banana, add roasted cumin seeds and mix gently. Eat this before going to sleep.
  • Make your own oil by mixing half cup of gourd juice with half cup of sesame oil. Apply on head and massage for at least 5-7 minutes.
  • Boil 375 ml water with 1 tsp of aniseed and cover it to simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and drink it as hot tea.
  • Ensure intake of calcium, magnesium and vitamins found in green leafy vegetables, bananas, almonds and figs.
  • Exercise helps prevent insomnia. Do such exercise as cycling, walking and jogging, making them a part of your daily routine. However, do not exercise close to your bedtime.

A Diet Plan

  • Eat a good breakfast that contains sufficient protein, calcium and vitamins.
  • Try to use less fat in lunch.
  • Do not eat spicy or heavy foods for dinner.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.
  • Try to avoid junk food, tea, coffee, caffeinated cold drinks and chocolates.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Use a comfortable bed and pillows.
  • Take a bath before going to bed.
  • Don’t watch television before your bedtime.
  • Turn off your cell phone when going to sleep.
  • Avoid taking sleeping pills which can affect mental health.
  • Dip your feet in water for 10-12 minutes. It will help induce good sleep.
  • Ensure consistent sleeping and waking hours daily.
  • Read a book to relax yourself.

Skin Allergies

Jan 11 - Skin Allergies

By Amber Saleem

What is an Allergy?

An allergy is an abnormal response to a food, drug or something in our environment, which usually does not cause symptoms in most people.

The most common parts of the body, which can be affected by skin allergies, are the skin, nose, eyes, chest, intestines or ears.

A skin allergy has such symptoms as rash, itches, swelling, redness, pain, blister and scaling skin. The symptoms caused by allergy appear on skin suddenly or sometimes within half an hour. Some of the main causes of skin allergies include: certain foods, change in temperature, dust and smoke, jewellery, metals, chemical cosmetics, fragrance, insect bite and stings and certain fabrics.

Treatment of Skin Allergies

Try these home remedies for treating your skin allergies.

  • Apply a paste of sandalwood and lime juice on the affected areas; it will relieve you from itches.
  • Coconut oil is considered good in treating skin allergies; mix it with lime juice and apply on skin.
  • Add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to one glass of water and drink this to soothe the skin.


  • Make a paste of baking soda and water, apply on rashes and leave until completely dry. Baking soda dries the infection and takes the rashes away in a few days.
  • Mix equal quantity of mint leaves juice, lemon juice and honey. Drink thrice a day.
  • Wash and soak 2-3 dried figs in a glass of water overnight and take it as a morning drink. Similarly, before going to bed, have figs that have been put for soaking in the morning.
  • Aloe Vera is another very useful and favourite herb of the Prophet (sa). Apply Aloe Vera gel on the affected areas of the body. Aloe Vera gel contains all the natural ingredients needed for battling skin allergies.
  • Turmeric is a natural antibacterial agent that has been used for centuries. Combine turmeric with Aloe Vera or water in a paste, apply to the affected areas for at least 30 minutes, then rinse off with water. Turmeric will soothe rash and itching.

Preventing Allergies

  • Use fragrance-free personal hygiene products (shampoos, soaps, lotions, etc.).
  • If your skin is dry, use a good moisturizer. Dry skin tends to get skin allergies more often.
  • Read packed food labels carefully. Try to avoid certain foods, which are known to cause allergic reactions.
  • Change your bed linens and clothing to cotton/ natural materials.
  • Be careful in your choice of cosmetics, because some of them can contain chemicals that are harmful for sensitive skin.
  • Opt for floorings minus carpets or rugs as they harbour allergy.

Treating Sore Throat the Herbal Way

Jan 11 - Treating sore throat the Herbal way

By Amber Saleem

Home Remedies

  • Squeeze out the juice of a sweet pomegranate and cook it, until it gets thick. Use this thick liquid many times a day.
  • Chop dry ginger and mix with honey. Take this mixture in the morning and evening for seven days.
  • Pure honey is the most common cure for sore throat. It also provided resistance against germs.
  • The Prophet (sa) liked honey and recommended it for many diseases. Jabir Ibn Abdullah has narrated that he heard the Prophet (sa) saying: “If there is any healing in your medicines, then it is in cupping, a gulp of honey or branding with fire (cauterization) that suits the ailment, but I don’t like to be (cauterized) branded with fire.” (Bukhari)
  • When we have sore throat, we usually feel lethargic. In order to strengthen your body, take one tablespoon of honey every day.
  • You can also mix ¼ cup of vinegar with ¼ cup of honey and take one tablespoon six times in a day.
  • If in addition to sore throat you are suffering also from cough, take one tablespoon honey with 2-3 whole black peppers once a day.
  • For relieving pain in throat, chew 2-3 whole cloves to release the juice. This juice will take away the pain of throat for hours. Remember not to eat the cloves!
  • Apple cider vinegar also is a good remedy. Take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar twice a day to relief throat pain.

Hot Beverages

Try these hot beverages for reducing swelling in throat:

1)      Honey is a great soother, which will relieve your throat irritation. Add one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of lemon juice in your tea.

2)      Boil some pomegranate rinds and drink as a tea. The pomegranate rind contains astringents, which will help your throat problem.


Gargling has amazing healing powers and is very useful for curing sore throat. Try these gargle tips:

1)       In half cup of water, mix ½ tsp salt, ¼ tsp turmeric powder and ¼ tsp honey. Gargle with this water in the mornings and evenings.

2)       An age-old gargling recipe is to mix warm water and salt. Gargle with this saltwater.

Spot-Free Action Plan

Oct 10 - Spot-free action planBy Amber Saleem

Everyone knows what a pimple looks like, but not quite so many people know what causes one. A pimple is formed when the natural oils (sebum) produced by your skin become trapped inside a pore. This causes swelling and you get a pimple. If the pimple then becomes infected, the surrounding skin will also turn red and pus may develop. Hormonal activity and stress are the main culprits, causing pimples to develop.

Very few people go spotlessly through their teens and early twenties. When acne becomes irritated, it leaves signs on the skin called acne scars. There are several steps you can take, if you are afflicted with these pimples.

  • Lemon or lime juice is rich in citric acid and can exfoliate your skin to prevent acne spots. Take lemon juice, glycerin, and almond oil in equal quantity. Mix and preserve it in a bottle, and apply on the face at night. It is an excellent lotion to remove pimples and blackheads from your face.
  • If you already have acne, apply a small amount of toothpaste on your pimple before going to bed. Use toothpaste that contains mint, as mint will get rid of the swelling and dry up the pimple.
  • Another remedy is to take one tablespoon of honey and combine it with one tablespoon of yogurt. Apply on the skin for treating pimples.
  • Mix baking soda with water in such amounts that would be sufficient for your face. Gently massage the paste on your face for ten to fifteen seconds, then wash it with water. Baking soda is a very effective scrub for your face to remove acne as well as scars. Repeat this once a week.


  • Use a gentle cleanser or mild soap on your face in the mornings and evenings. Use a medicated soap on the spotty areas of your body.
  • Eat a balanced diet, containing a sufficient amount of essential vitamins and minerals – vitamins A and B are particularly good for skin.


  • Squeeze, pick or touch your pimples – you could cause infection, developing a single blemish into a nasty crop of pustules.
  • Use heavy moisturizers and foundations – light powder or cream is the best make-up choice.

Treating Fever the Herbal Way

Oct 10 - Treating fever

By Amber Saleem

Rafi Ibn Khadij has narrated: “I heard Allah’s Apostle (sa) saying: ‘Fever is from the heat of Hell, so abate fever with water.'” (Bukhari)

Fatima Bint Al-Mundhir has narrated: “Whenever a lady suffering from fever was brought to Asma Bint Abu Bakr (rta), she used to invoke Allah (swt) for her and then sprinkle some water on her body, at the chest and say: ‘Allah’s Apostle (sa) used to order us to abate fever with water.'” (Bukhari)

Home Remedies

  • Saffron is good for treating fever. Boil half a teaspoon of saffron in half cup of water. After the water boils, use this as tea – take one teaspoon every hour.
  • Raisins are also effective for curing fever. Soak 25 raisins in half cup of water. Once they get soft, crush in same water. Strain the mixture and add ½ tsp lemon juice. Take this mixture twice a day.
  • For lowering the temperature, take one tablespoon of honey, with a few drops of lemon and ginger juice.
  • Soak 6-7 potato slices in vinegar for ten minutes. Lie down and place these vinegar slices on your forehead with a wash cloth on top for 2-3 minutes.
  • A simple tip for lowering high fever is to place a slice of raw onion on the patient’s soles and cover the feet with socks.
  • Put one teaspoon of mustard seeds in one cup of hot water, steep for five minutes and drink.
  • Abu Hurairah t narrated that the Prophet (sa) said: “Eat the olive oil and massage it over your bodies, since it is pure and holy.” (Ibn Majah)
  • Apply a mixture of lime juice and olive oil all over your body.
  • Warm two tablespoons of olive oil with two crushed garlic cloves. Apply this mixture on both the soles and keep your feet wrapped with plastic all night long. You will see wonderful results of this remedy.

Diet in Fever

Along with the aforementioned tips, you can also take the following precautions:

  • Avoid eating such solid foods as Chapatis, until fever is gone. Replace solid foods with rice, bread, fruits and juices.
  • Drink as much water as you can – it will lower your temperature.
  • Mix half a glass of grapefruit juice with half a glass of water. Drink this once a day for relieving burning body and quenching thirst.
  • If your fever does not go down for several days, consult your doctor.

Treating Influenza the Herbal Way

Vol 6 - Issue 4 Treating InfluenzaBy Amber Saleem

Influenza, or flu, is caused by a virus that causes an upper respiratory infection. Influenza mainly affects the upper airways and can be transmitted easily in airborne droplets from the coughs and sneezes of infected people. However, the influenza virus is usually transmitted from person to person through direct contact.

The symptoms of influenza develop 24-48 hours after infection. Most common symptoms may include headache, fever, chills, dry cough, extreme tiredness, runny nose, sore throat, aches and pain.

For the sake of our health, it is necessary for us to know how to treat the flu. Natural herbal remedies in the light of the Quran and Ahadeeth can help comfort a person who has the flu.

“There is no disease that Allah has created, except that He also has created its treatment.” (Bukhari)

Olives have been mentioned seven times in the Quran, and their health benefits have been propounded in Prophetic medicine. The Prophet (sa) said “Eat the olive and massage it over your bodies, since it is a holy tree.” (At-Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah)

The Quran says: “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth. The parable of His Light is as (if there were) a niche and within it a lamp, the lamp is in glass, the glass as it were a brilliant star, lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east (i.e. neither it gets sun-rays only in the morning) nor of the west (i.e. nor it gets sun-rays only in the afternoon, but it is exposed to the sun all day long), whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) , though fire touched it. Light upon Light! Allah guides to His Light whom He wills. And Allah sets forth parables for mankind, and Allah is All-Knower of everything.” (An-Nur 24:35)

  • Taking one tablespoon of olive oil before sleep will cure your flu within a week, Insha’Allah.
  • Muslims have been using the black seed (Kalonji) for hundreds of years. However, many of us do not realize that the black seed is not only a prophetic herb, but it also holds a unique place in the medicine of the Prophet (sa). Black seed is mentioned along with many other natural cures in the Quran and Ahadeeth.
  • “Use the black seed, because it contains a cure for every type of ailment, except for death.” (At-Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Ibn Hibban)
  • For treatment of flu, a combination of black seed and olive oil has an effective impact. For this, add eleven tablespoons of olive oil in one tablespoon black seed powder, heat it, bring it to boil and then strain the oil. Placing one drop of this oil in the nostrils will relieve your flu.
  • Also, mix one teaspoon of black seed oil in a cup of hot water and add lemon and honey to it; drink it three times a day.
  • When it comes to natural remedies, honey is one of the best. Take one to two tablespoons of honey twice or thrice a day. The Prophet (sa) said: “You have cure in two things: honey and the Quran.” (Ibn Majah)
  • Drinking hot liquids is an extremely effective home remedy for treating the flu, whether it is tea or simple water. Add one tablespoon honey in hot water or in tea and take it at the time of Asr Salah for good result. Not only does it help the body replenish fluids, but also provides heat that aids the body’s response and helps clear nasal congestion.
  • Lemon juice also has healing properties. The juice of one lemon has 80% of vitamin C, which can help you boost your immune system. If you take it, when the flu has started, it will help shorten the length of your symptoms. For a sweeter taste, mix lemon juice with honey.