Is anyone reading out there?

Read in the Name of Your Lord

Hiba Magazine got in touch with AFAQ Publishers to get their input. Muhammad Pervez, Teacher-Educator, AFAQ (Karachi) gave us the following response:

Assessment of readers’ demographics along with what they are reading is a very important topic to explore the tastes of the reader in this modern era.

In the digital age, we think the readers want to peruse material on pertinent issues with an innovative approach. It will be up to the writers and market researchers to find out which topics the audience wants to read along with its segmentation in term of taste, social requirements and age groups.

If we make an analogy with a fantasy novel, Harry Potter, and consider the reason it sold 450 millions copies and has been translated in 67 languages, the answer is very simple. A reader will buy and read if the writer has developed his/her thirst of knowledge and taken into consideration the basic structure of the literature (thrill, adventure, character, romance, etc).

It is an old debate that readers don’t want to read anymore. I think the importance of books and print media is not going to minimize. However, the dimensions and terminologies have changed. We are living in an age of competitive and challenging environments. Globally, we are facing too many issues and social problems. We are searching to get rid of their affects. A reader is keen to know and update oneself along with one’s community and next generation. At the same time, one also seeks escapism and relaxation in fictional literature.

The fact is a reader of today is the leader of the tomorrow.