Can time heal the scars on the face of humanity?

Reviving-Wilted-Roses“And those scars on his face were the scars on the face of humanity.”

Never treat the unprivileged as you have leased them for their life.

Waiting in the lounge of a hotel, merely to fulfil the desire to eat a hot steaming dinner in the festive environment with my family to make the most of my Sunday- I came across the evidence of brutality of those in power over the weaker ones. The boy caught my attention because of the life that shines out from his eyes. His care free attitude told me, he belonged to a nice family; however, the wicked brutal scars on his face and hand me down clothing, made me doubt my very first impression of him.

Sitting there with my husband, I caught the remark of the other boy sitting beside him-
“And what about these recent marks on your face?”

His reply was, “Api gave me a fresh start in the morning with it.”

I thought he might have had a fight with his elder sister.

I said to him, “You must have been naughty.”

He said, “No!”

The other one said, “Yes, he might have been.”

At that moment, I just wished that the brutal master may someday behave, and realize that they have not leased the unprivileged ones for their lifetime.

“Api beats me on small mistakes. Today, I was unable to decorate her shoe cupboard properly, and she gave me these marks as a reward.”
I asked, “Who is your Api?”

Then, I heard the innocent reply that drowned me into embarrassment, “She is my master. I work for her, and she beats me for petty issues.”
I was overwhelmed.

I said, “You never told her you are a human?” On which my husband asked me to keep quiet.

And then came his master who asked him to accompany him into the restaurant.
He asked his master, “Do you really want me to accompany?” And when his master affirmed, I saw his eyes shining much brighter, and the joy evading the innocent face.

Alas! I wish I could sue her or do something to tell that lady that if she is not getting what she deserves now- certainly much awaits for her in hereafter.

To all the masters of this kind- kindly, before doing all the charity work, and shouting out for human equality and initiating campaigns and programs, do just one thing- Respect humanity!

The innocent bright beings when ill-treated in their early years lose their sanity and turn into criminals. This leads to a never-ending war causing terror and fright in the society. We fail to realize that we are the ones who had fed these little creatures with hatred and cultivated them as criminals.