Vol 5 - Issue 4 The Boulder of biddats

The Boulder of Biddats (Innovations)

Rana Rais Khan analyzes some deep-rooted innovations and why we continue to observe them.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 The Prophet sa & us

The Prophet (sa) and Us

One most remarkable and striking aspect of the Prophet (sa) was his ability to command respect in situations where anyone else would border on undignified.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Mercy of the World

Mercy for the World

Campaigns like Mercy for the World indeed help propagate the message of Allah (swt) and His Prophet (sa). Such campaigns can also be considered as an effective and timely effort to counter the Danish caricatures.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Imams of Ahadeeth

Imams of Ahadeeth

Our scholars played their part and did it extremely well. They offered unimaginable services to Allah (swt) for the preservation of the Sunnah. Our acceptance or rejection of them only speaks of our own character.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Compilation of Ahadeeth

Compilation of Ahadeeth

Rana Rais Khan lists some important and authentic compilations of Ahadeeth.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Reply for Ahadeeth Rejecters

Reply to Ahadeeth Rejecters

Excerpts from Dr. Idrees Zubair’s lectures

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Sunnah

Sunnah - Why should we follow it?

If we constantly follow the Sunnah in our daily lives, our moral laziness gets diminished, and we do not find obedience in greater matters to be difficult.


Dawn of Knowledge - Part 2

If we could identify with our role models of the past, we could also triumph over this period of illiteracy, which is dominated by traits like enmity, intolerance and narcissism, writes Uzma Jawed.


Vol 5 - Issue 4   To be or not to be Ethical

To Be or Not To Be Ethical

Sumaira Dada establishes the connection between high ethical standards and success

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Is the price hike conyrlling you

Is the Price Hike Controlling You?

Ofaira Ateeq Husain and Sumaira Dada speak to some people to find out how they are managing the price hike.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Is the price hike conyrlling you

Handy Tips for Smart Savers

Umm Isam presents some practical tips to help you balance the monthly budget.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Terrific teaching

Terrific Teaching Techniques

Our Prophet (sa) had much to teach and his knowledge, which determined the destiny of people, was not to be taken lightly.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Sunnah & science

Sunnah and Science: Coming Full Circle

How do Sunnah and science complement each other? Sadaf Farooqi illustrates with examples.


Vol 5 - Issue 4 Connecting our children to sunnah

Connecting our Children to Sunnah

Our children need to see us loving and revering the Prophet (sa) above ANY other person. Let them not find us preferring family traditions or ‘scholars’ opinions’ over the Sunnah.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 A wedding to remember

A Wedding to Remember

Saira Naeem reflects upon a unique wedding that she attended



Dear Haadia

I am a single girl in late twenties. Circumstances indicate that I may never get married. I want to know what should be my purpose in life? Dear Haadia answers...

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Khalid Ibn Walid rta

Khalid Ibn Waleed (rta)

Laila Brence profiles Saifullah - Khalid Ibn Waleed (rta).

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Happy valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day?

Whenever I hear ‘Happy Valentine’s Day!’ I feel like the statement should end with a question mark.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 Following the Sunnah is as easy as..

Following the Sunnah is as Easy as…

Following the Sunnah practices requires only some degree of effort initially, but the rewards are numerous.