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Sabina Rizwan Khan

Sabina Rizwan Khan is a freelance writer and certified Youth Trainer.

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By Sabina Rizwan Khan – Freelance writer and certified Youth Trainer

“Umm e Tooba”

“Umm e Tooba” lives up to its tagline “Beauty of Modesty”. This fantastic shop is situated in Kurta Gali, Tariq Road. It is an optimum mixture of huge variety and fine quality. You can easily get all sorts of Abayas and Hajj products. Their price range is very reasonable. All products are of top quality. A huge variety of Abayas, scarves, Hijabs and Chaddars are available, from plain to coloured, simple to hand embroidered. Hajj products include Ihrams, belts, scarves, air pillows, and a two-function bag to carry prayer mat and slipper bag. Facility of alteration is offered and all products are available the year around.

Address: C-955, Zaidi Studio, Near Jheel Park, Tariq Road, Karachi.

Telephone: 34301023 / Cell: 0322-2223571

“Hijab ul Hareem”

Providing top notch quality is what “Hijab ul Hareem” believes in. Located at main Tariq Road, this shop offers all types of Abayas and Hajj products. A wide range is available in Hijabs, Abayas and scarves with discounts. Hajj variety includes Ihrams, belts, prayer mats, scarves, caps, travelling bags, etc. Prices are pocket friendly and alterations are available. However, the best news is that “Hijab ul Hareem” has five branches all over Karachi, so you can visit the nearest one any time. All products are accessible all around the year.

Products and price range:

Ihram for male: Rs. 1650/- (towel material)

Ihram for male: Rs. 1000/- (cotton material)

Belt: Rs. 200/- (parachute material)

Belt: Rs. 450/- (leather)

Ihram for female (cotton): scarf with head cap: Rs. 325/- to Rs.800/- (sizes from extra small to extra large)

Ihram for female (jersey): scarf with cap: Rs. 375/- to Rs. 775/- (sizes from extra small to extra large)

Plain Abaya (black/coloured): Rs. 3000/-



“Hussein Itar House”

“Hussein Itar House” serves with variety and quality. Placed in central Gulshan-e-Iqbal, it offers all Hajj products at easy prices. These items include Ihrams, belts, caps, etc. Though only plain Abayas are available for ladies, but one can get scarves, Hijabs, gloves and Chaddars very easily. Along with this, as their name suggests, you can get wide range of alcohol-free perfumes and Itars. All items are available all year. Bulk order should be ordered with delivery time period of at least 1 week.

Address: Shop no. 5, Royal Terrace, SB-4, Block no. 2. Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Telephone: 34813662 / Cell: 0321-3932689

“Basic Hijab Shop”

“Basic Hijab Shop” depicts elegance and quality. Conveniently located at main Tariq Road, it presents huge variety in Hajj and Abayas. Products of high quality are offered at affordable rates. Hajj products include Ihrams, belts, scarves, travel bags, prayer mats, etc. Abayas range is good, with excellent material along with scarves, Hijabs, shawls, gloves, pins, etc. Other items exclusive here are Itars, beautiful Tasbeehs and travel soaps. Products are available the year round.

Address: Lavish Mall, Near Rabi Centre, Tariq Road, Karachi.

Telephone: 3858886


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