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Justice in Islam

Tasneem Vali and Hafsa Ahmed take an indepth look at the way Allah exercises justice; the way the Prophet (sa) was just and fair in everyday life, and the situations which require fairness from us.


The Prison Drive

Take a detailed look at the Prison Drive, a community project of Hiba Magazine.


Rebranding our Understanding of Justice

In this article, Tasneem Vali and Hafsa Ahmed address the need to reconstruct our modern concept of justice, as defined by secular laws, and accept justice as an Islamic brand.


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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Bilal Philips

Hiba Magazine interviews Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips in which he expresses his thoughts on various issues facing the Muslims today.


When the Caliph Helped Ireland – Untold History

A heart-warming incident from the pages of Muslim history takes a look at how the Caliph helped out Ireland in its time of need.


teaching justice to kids

Introducing Justice and Fairness to Children

Ruhaifa Adil takes a look at some activity ideas and discussion points that Muslim parents can use to inculcate the concepts of justice and fairness in their young ones.

eye for an eye

An Eye for an Eye

Umm Zahra takes a look at the wise teachings of the Sharia regarding retribution

25 top five

Tips to Improve Your Relationships

A transcription of Muslim Mastery Series video takes a look at some of the ways to foster strong relationships.



Add Barakah to Your Day Everyday

Hira Mateen shares useful tips to help you make your day productive everyday

32 extra special

A Child’s First Love – The Quran - An Interview with Mariam Apa

Rahila Abdul Aziz interviews Mariam Apa, a lady who teaches Quran to ladies and children in DHA Karachi

Men's Perspective

Royal Gold Crown

Meeting the King

Be it a meeting with a prospective business partner, an appointment for a child’s admission into a school, a job interview or an interview for a club membership, we strive hard to make that first impression just right. But how many times do we think of our meeting with the King of the worlds? Asks Umm Zahra.


Want a Happy Marriage?

It is Rehma – mercy towards your wife, mercy towards your husband, courtesy between you two - that keeps a marriage going after the initial spark is over, writes Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.



Motherhood vs. Teacher-hood

In this insightful article, Dr. Irfan Hyder talks about the contrast in motherhood and teacher-hood and why mothers should stay well away from a conventional teacher's role for their children.


DIY Tips for a Clear Skin

Hira Naqi compiles some handy tips to make your own moisturizer and face wash for a clear skin.