Shaping Eternity

Nayyara Rahman writes about how a teacher affects eternity and there is no telling when his or her influence stops

Vol 1-Issue 2 Months & More

Months and More

Sabahat Anwar explores the meanings, significance and historical background of Islamic months

Vol 1-Issue 2 Upbringing Children

Upbringing Children the Prophet’s (sa) Way!

Umm Saad reiterates that our children have certain rights upon us and we, as parents, have to fulfill them. Only then can we make them realize our rights on them. We must lead by example.

Vol 1-Issue 2    Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

"And (all) the Most Beautiful Names belong to Allah, so call on Him by them..." (Surah Al-Araaf 7:180) Dr. Sadaf Shiekh and Umm Saad re-discover the Majesty of the Creator's names.

Vol 1-Issue 2     Ibn Sina

Ibn Sina

Rym Aoudia sheds light on the life and accomplishments of a pioneer in early research and medicine

Vol 1-Issue 2 Raising fine men

Raising Fine Men

Herbert Hoover once quoted, "A boy has two jobs. One is just being a boy. The other is growing up to be a man." This can be a journey filled with adventure; learning and much achievement, provided parents do their job well. It's quite a formidable challenge but it's undoubtedly worth it. Rana Rais Khan explains...


Vol 1-Issue 2   Learnign to Manage

Learning to Manage Time

Many of us would agree that today time seems to be slipping through our fingers much faster than a year ago. Mehreen Ganny has summarized for you a unique approach to time management that has changed lives.

Vol 1-Issue 2    Best Prescription

The Best Prescription

Our health is the greatest blessing after faith itself. Islam offers a thorough regimen of hygiene to maintain this blessing in top shape, writes Dr. Sadaf Shaikh.

Vol 1-Issue 2  Turkey

Turkey: Cradle of Civilization

Visiting Turkey is a delightful experience with exceptional sightseeing and much more, reports Farah Najam


Vol 1-Issue 2  Mini-Garden

Mini-Garden in the City

Have you ever wished for a real garden of your own that would bring to your table home grown, fresh vegetables? Laila Brence will help you discover your green thumb!

Vol 1-Issue 2  Special Children

Special Children – A Gift of Allah

Tasneem Vali gives an overview of the special children situation in Karachi and addresses the problems that parents of a special child might face.

Vol 1-Issue 2   Summer Fun for everyone

Summer Fun For Everyone

Fun can mean different things to different people, and it differs across the globe. Naba Basar shares delightful ways to have family fun this summer.

Vol 1-Issue 2   Islamic Finance

Islamic Finance and Banking: How It All Began

Before moving on to explore the Islamic financial products on offer, we would like to give our readers a background of the Islamic financial system. Sumaira Dada gives us its background and reports the current status of Islamic banking in Pakistan.


Vol 1-Issue 2   How do my friends treat me

How Do My Friends Treat Me?

Rana Rais Khan gives a checklist for choosing and gauging our friends


Bilal bin Rabah (rta)

Hafsa Ahsan recounts the arduous life and the strong faith of the noble companion