Our Ummah

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Shittu Sulaimon

Shittu Sulaimon is a graduate of Computer Science, CCNP certified. Presently working with I-Media Communication (Nigeria) as an I.T. personnel and Operation Coordinator. A poet in the making.

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Here we are
Here we stand
Away from start
Lead to our state

A community of the just
A middle course
From the down throbbing
From being harshly erratic

With the precedence of righteousness
With precedence of justice
For the benefit of the people
Goodness to the masses

In closeness to God
Far from greed
As every matter is reversed to creed
Mindful gaze on the hereafter

Here we are
Here we stand
Away from the start
Lead to our state

There set in distraction
From the worldly beauties
Frivolities and excess indulgent
Diseases against heart ailment

Rightly guided Caliph set the pace
To live in a godly space
The kingdom set the stage
For the alien to place

Strayed from the crux
Lost at the cross road
Tainted with desires
Aspiration for the Dunya

Here we are
Here we stand
Away from start
Lead to our state

Wealth accumulation
With the divide and rule notion
Driven with a plot of nationalisation
A call to Jahiliyah in motion

Who is better than I?
His is the Qiya’ Madhab
Not the Madinah school of thought
Sects and violence prevail

Extremist views not entail
From name call and Kaffarah rending
Ayah and Ahadeeth bending
To suit cases they detail

Here we are
Here we stand
Away from start
Lead to our state

A civilisation of patience and constancy
That wouldn’t ride on hatred and war mongering
Perseverance is its teaching
And, the key the Ummah back its footing

The moon longs for those days
When the Ummah’s radiance sweeps evil
When worldly desires dwindle not trust
Fear of Allah (swt) kindles man to be just

And, sovereignty is for the Lord
That grants man freewill and love
To channel the world to goodness
And not love the world to stupor

We know where we are
We should move away from where we stand
Closer and not away from the start
Closer to Quran and Sunnah guidance
Leading to a better state.

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