Speak or Hold your Silence

How do we ensure our words are chosen wisely? Lamya Almas has some ideas.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Cell phones

Cell-Phones: The Ignored Etiquettes

How gadget-wise are you? Laila Ansari elaborates the oft-ignored etiquette of cell phone usage in public.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Advisors of the Prophet saw

Advisors of the Prophet (sa)

When the Prophet (sa) had to make crucial decisions, who participated in the discussion and advised him wisely? Here is a brief look at some of the advisors of the Prophet (sa).

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Dignity of Islam

Dignity of Islam: The Labour Day!

What we need is to follow the Quran and the Sunnah strictly. No holiday can establish the dignity and rights of labourers in any society. Only we can!

Vol 7 - Issue 1 CyberACTIVE


Naureen Aqueel takes a look at how micro-blogging is the new "in" thing and the ways it can be used constructively.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 The right attitude

The Right Attitude

Do you verify Islamic content on smses and emails before you forward it? Hafsa Ahsan presents some precautions to take before forwarding such emails.

Vol 7 -Issue 1 Fasad

Fasad – The Corrupter of Hearts

Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed's analysis on Fasad and how to cleanse one's heart from it.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Muslims in Cyberspace

Muslims in Cyberspace

Cyberspace, like this world at large, is a delicate testing ground for the practicing Muslim. On the one hand, there are enormous benefits that can be gained, but on the other hand, one is exposed to a murky world of temptations and addictions.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Dawah in Cyberspace

Dawah in Cyberspace - Why and How?

The first time that I cried at the wonder of Allah (swt) was when I witnessed the resilience of a sixteen-year-old shy Mexican girl converting to Islam in my college in the USA.


quart jar full of coins, pennies,nickels,dimes and quarters, with clipping path

Pinching Paisas…

Sumaira Dada, Noorjehan Arif and Aisha Ashraf Jangda talk to people and get tips on how to save money.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 The real happiness

The Real Happiness

Are you chasing short-term happiness or eternal happiness? The real essence of spiritual happiness is attained when you direct your physical and emotional happiness in the right way and then they fall under the category of spiritual happiness, writes Qainaf Najam.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Digital Photography

Digital Photography - The Latent Issues

How safe is it to post personal photographs online? Zainub Razvi advises caution at best.


Review: “The Hadith for Beginners”

"The book dispells the doubts cast on Hadeeth literature with force that the reader will appreciate."

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Math is Fun

Math is Fun

Are your students finicky about studying mathematics? Farah Najam has some interesting ideas to perk up the lesson.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Pornography addiction

Pornography Addiction - The Dark Side of Cyberspace

Sadaf Farooqi explores the dark side of cyberspace and suggests solutions towards dealing with those who are addicted to pornography.


Vol 7 - Issue 1 A wise mother's advice

A Wise Mother’s Advice

Umm Isam takes an in-depth look at the wisdom of the advice given to a daughter the night before her wedding.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 The blogging Muslimah

The Blogging Muslimah

Whether it is Europe, North America, or the UAE, Muslim women and girls are turning to the blogosphere to share their life experiences with like-minded global readers.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Summer project with a twist

Summer Projects with a Twist

Are your kids bored of being cooped up at home during the summer vacation? Here are some projects to occupy them constructively...

Vol 7 - Issue 1 The fruit of a false testimony

The Fruit of a False Testimony

Can one swear a false oath and get away with it? Here is a hair-raising true story.



Dear Haadia

I know many boys, who discuss such girls in a very indecent manner. I fear such talks can corrupt these otherwise decent girls. What can be done?

Vol 7 - Issue 1 7 habits

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers - Part 3

Umm Isam continues with her series on the habits of highly effective teenagers.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Interview with a Young imam

Interview with Abdullah, a Young Imam

An exclusive interview with Abdullah, an 18-year-old Imam, who has been leading the Taraweeh prayers for hundreds of men in Sad Bin Abi Waqas Masjid, Karachi.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 Achieving a peaceful advice

Achieving a Peaceful Smile

Aisha Siddiqua reflects upon a life-changing experience.

Vol 7 - Issue 1 online VS offline

Online versus Offline Selves

How different are our online selves versus our offline selves? Iqra Asad explores.