Vol 4-Issue 3 The Demon of Dowry

The Demon of Dowry

Prevalence of the dowry custom not only jeopardizes the lives of future female infants and makes marriage difficult for girls in general, but also becomes a menace to low-income groups, writes Sadaf Farooqi.

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The Prophet’s (sa) Marriages – Wisdom for Those Who Seek it

Further study of the lives and personalities of the mothers of believers would reveal, why they were selected by Allah (swt) to uphold this special title, writes Atefa Jamal.

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Islamic Products for Kids

Are you looking for good Islamic products for children? Uzma Jawed has some suggestions for you.


Wedding Websites

Hafsa Ahsan presents a review of some worthy wedding clicks

Vol 4-Issue 3 Hajj rules specific to Women

Hajj Rules Specific to Women

Going for Hajj this year or know someone know is? Rana Rais Khan details a few things all ladies proceeding for Hajj should bear in mind...

Vol 4-Issue 3 Date palm education system

Date Palm Education System

Atefa Jamal describes how Fozia Ahsan’s school aims to cultivate the Muslims of tomorrow

Vol 4-Issue 3 Marriage sermon

The Marriage Sermon

Discover the actual meaning of the Marriage Sermon through excerpts from Dr. Farhat Hashmi’s audio lecture “Nikah Mubarak” (transcribed by Sumaira Dada)

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Hospitality towards Pilgrims

Ofaira Hussain takes a look at the cultural practices related to pilgrims

Vol 4-Issue 3 Muslim Weddings

Muslim Weddings

Samreen Rizvi specifies the Sunnah practices of a Muslim wedding.

Vol 4-Issue 3 Lal Masjid in focus

Lal Masjid in Focus

Dr. Israr Ahmed (late) gave two lectures on the incidence of Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa. Here are the excerpts from his speech.


Vol 4-Issue 3 Home-schooling

The Case for Home-schooling

Laila Brence makes a well stated argument regarding the schooling of our children. For aren’t we as parents our child’s best teachers?

Vol 4-Issue 3 Not fair

Not Fair!

Sumaira Dada discusses fairness at the workplace in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah.

Vol 4-Issue 3 Glaring Expenses

Glaring Expenses

Ofaira Ateeq Hussain takes a look at how much weddings cost in Pakistan.



Ummul-Mumineen – Aisha (rta)

Kulsoom Omar takes a glimpse into the life of Aisha (rta), one of the Mothers of the Believers

Vol 4-Issue 3 Etiquettes of Proposing

Etiquette of Proposing

Affaf Jamal prescribed a healthy way for Muslim men and women to pursue the idea of marriage without transgressing the boundaries of Islam.

Vol 4-Issue 3 A Muslim Woman's surname After marriage copy

A Muslim Woman’s Surname after Marriage

Are women required to change their surname after marriage? Naba Basar presents a collection of Fatawas on the topic.



Dear Haadia

What is the difference between a Nikah and an engagement?

Vol 4-Issue 3 Ubayy ibn Kab ra

Ubayy Ibn Kab (rta)

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh presents a brief profile of Ubayy Ibn Kab (rta)

Vol 4-Issue 3 The Fundamentals

The Fundamentalist

Be a Muslim fundamentalist and be proud of it, instructs Tasneem Vali.

Vol 4-Issue 3  Last in line

Last in Line

Last in line - the story of a maiden about to tie the knot, written by Umm Isam