Manners of Reading the Quran

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Affaf Jamal

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Vol 2-Issue2 Manners of reading Quran

  • Be careful when you handle this holy book. Remember, it is not an ordinary book. We need to do the following for giving to the glorious Quran its due respect:
  • Before you begin reciting from the Quran, seek refuge with Allah (swt) from the Satan, by saying – ‘Aoodhu Billahi Minashaitanir Rajim.’
  • Take Allah (swt)’s name, before you begin to read, by saying – ‘Bismillah.’
  • Try your best to be in the state of Wudu, when reciting from the Quran, and sit in a clean place.
  • Begin reading with a clear intention of seeking only Allah (swt)’s pleasure, not any other worldly gain.
  • Turn the pages gently and slowly to the required page. It is best, if you use a bookmark at the place you finished last, so that there is no unnecessary flipping of pages.
  • Maintain humility, tranquility, and respect, while reading the Quran.
  • Read the Quran in a moderate voice.
  • Read the verses with short pauses in between.
  • Be careful about the Makharij (pronunciation of the letters). Give every letter its due right.
  • Read the Quran attentively, calmly, and sincerely.
  • Ponder over the words of the Quran and make efforts to act upon them.
  • Be grateful, when the verses of Shukr (being grateful) are mentioned and seek refuge with Allah (swt), when asked.
  • Listen quietly and attentively, when the Quran is being read.
  • Do not put the Quran on the floor or near a person’s feet.
  • Do not leave the Quran open, when not being used, or turn it face down on the table.
  • Do not step over the Quran, if it is lying on the ground or at a low level, such as a prayer mat.
  • Do not use the Quran as a support to write on.
  • Do not place things on the top of the Quran.
  • Do not scribble unnecessary things on the pages of your Quran.
  • Do not touch the Quran with dirty hands.
  • Make sure you keep the Quran out of the reach of children that may tear its pages.
  • Do not eat, while reading from the Quran.
  • Sit in a proper, respectable position when reading it.
  • Try not to talk in between, while reciting from the Quran.
  • Keep the Quran in a clean place.
  • Learn as much as you can about the Quran by reading an authentic translation in the language of your preference.
  • Keep the Quran within your reach and in sight.
  • Let no day pass, without reading or reciting from the Quran.

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