Malcom X Proceeds for Hajj

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Raziuddin Syed

A prolific writer on Islamic history, women's issues, prophecies of the last Prophet (sa) and dominating religions, Raziuddin Syed worked as a finance and admin manager in various industrial units for 20 years. He now runs a research academy titled National Academy of Islamic Research, based in Clifton, Karachi. He is the author and translator of 18 books on the above subjects, some having up to five editions. He has also casually appeared on television channels. He can be contacted at

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32 extra special

Malcom X was an African American Baptist Christian, who converted to Islam. First, he joined Elijah Mohammad’s famous Nation of Islam. However, due to Elijah’s misrepresentations of Islam, he parted with him in 1963 and accepted the pure, real doctrines of religion. This resulted in intense adversary against him by Elijah, which ultimately resulted in Malcom’s (Shabaz Malik’s) murder.

He was fortunate enough to perform his Hajj in 1964 before his assassination. Malcom X recorded his experiences of Hajj, which were published in a book after his death. Below is an excerpt from his book “One Thousand Roads to Makkah”, which was compiled by Michael Wolfe (also a convert) and published in USA in 1997. Malcom X writes:

“One of the Egyptian Muslims, particularly, kept watching me out of the corner of his eye. I smiled at him. He got up and came over to me. “He-llo,” he said. It sounded like Gyttysburg Address. I beamed at him. I asked his name. “Name? Name?” he was trying hard, but didn’t get it. We tried some words on each other. I’d guess his English vocabulary spanned maybe twenty words. Then an amazing thing happened. I said: “Muhammad Ali Clay.” All of the Muslims listening lighted up like a Christmas tree. “You, you?” My friend was pointing at me. I shook my head: “No, no. Muhammad Ali Clay – my friend… friend!” They half-understood me. Some of them didn’t understand, and that’s how it began to get around that I was Cassius Clay, world heavy-weight champion. I was later to learn that apparently every man, woman and child in the Muslim world had heard how Sonny Liston had been beaten in Goliath. David fashioned by Cassius Clay who then had told the world that his name was Muhammad Ali and his religion was Islam, and Allah (swt) has given him his victory.

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