Vol 3- Issue 4 Shaking off superstitions

Shaking Off Superstitions

Atefa Jamal explains the origins and dangers of superstitions and describes the ways of overcoming them

Vol 3- Issue 4 Anybody reading anymore

Anybody Reading Anymore?

Rana Rais Khan reminds us of that, which gives us the most noble and esteemed status among all of Allah’s (swt) creation

role model

Response to Magic

Sadaf Farooqi eloquently portrays the superhuman ability of the Prophet (sa) to forgive those, who wronged him

Vol 3- Issue 4 Muhammad Bin Qasim

Muhammad bin Qasim

Samreen Rizvi presents life of Muhammad bin Qasim - the youngest conqueror of the world who, brought Islam to Indo-Pakistan

Vol 3- Issue 4 Magic and It's reality

Magic and its Reality

Kulsoom Omar elaborates the prevention and cure for magic and its like, as mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah



The Truth about Lying

Sumaira Dada discusses the age-old habit of lying and ways of giving it up.

Vol 3- Issue 4 Dealing with copypaste culture

Dealing with Copy/Paste Culture

Hafsa Ahsan presents to teachers the plagiarism detection ‘tool-kit' for safeguarding the work of their students from copy/paste culture


Permitted and Prohibited Methods of Contraception – Part III

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh presents the viewpoint of Islamic scholars on contraception and birth control.

Vol 3- Issue 4 Morocco

Travel Morocco

Farah Najam guides us through the tourist attractions of Morocco - a country offering a plenty for an enjoyable experience



Ummul-Mumineen – Khadijah (rta)

Kulsoom Omar introduces the inspiring life story of Khadijah (rta) - an extraordinary woman, who never once let the believers down

Vol 3- Issue 4 The Evil eye

The Evil Eye - Fact not Fiction

Affaf Jamal suggests some means to guard children against the evil eye.



Dear Haadia

My friends and I sometimes have fun with the Ouija Board - we call spirits. Is it really a sin to do so?

Abu Ad-Darda

Abu Darda (rta)

Dr. Sadaf Sheikh profiles Abu Darda (rta) – a companion who sold the Duniya for the Hereafter


It's a Kind of Magic

Rana Rais Khan tells the story of Sulaiman (as) to illustrate the origins and harms of magic