Vol 5 - Issue 3 Wisdom

Hikmah (Wisdom)

What does it take to become wise? Is there a formula for it? And of all qualities in life, why should one seek wisdom? Does it pay to be wise?

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Selection of Duas

Selection of Duas

J. Samia Mair presents her favourite Duas.

Vol 5 - Issue 3 The first ten days of Dhul-Hajj

The First Ten Days of Dhul-Hijjah

Among the special seasons of worship are the first ten days of Dhul-Hijjah, which Allah (swt) has preferred over all the other days of the year. These days, which include the Day of Arafah and Eid Al-Adha, bring Muslims an opportunity to correct their faults and make up for any shortcomings. Ofaira Ateeq Husain shares with us the suggestions of Sheikh Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajjid to make the most of these days.


The Dawn of Knowledge - Part 1

Contributions of the early Muslims were so vivid, abundant and diverse that this article has barely been able to give them the credit they so richly deserve.

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Concept of Knowledge in Islam

Knowledge in Islam

The early Muslims gave the top priority to seeking and spreading knowledge, especially that of Deen. They acted upon what they learnt. Thus, history reflects the respect, peace and power they enjoyed.

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Making sense of the Danish Cartoon issue

Making Sense of the Danish Cartoon Issue

Islam is different from other religions and has a unique approach to life and humanity. It must be understood, rather than ridiculed on the pretext of freedom of speech.


Vol 5 - Issue 3 Women at Work 2

Women at Work - Part 2

Sumaira Dada discusses common problems that working women face and their possible solutions.

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Can you write an essay for me

Can you write an essay for me?

The last thing this country needs is a bunch of people, who are incapable of doing their own work, cautions Hafsa Ahsan.


Vol 5 - Issue 3 Genders-equal yet distinct

Genders – equal yet distinct

Islam acknowledges the equality of both genders, yet takes in due consideration also their distinct differences in nature and roles assigned by Allah (swt).

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Towards a Bright future

Towards a Bright Future

Let’s give the future Muslims more than higher education. Let’s give them the ‘highest’ education!



Dear Haadia

My wife does not cover her head in front of non-Mahrams. Kindly explain in detail the best way for me to guide her.


Dear Haadia

Muslims are killing each other in our country. What can we do to help this situation?

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Sad bin Abi Waqqas rta

Sad Ibn Abi Waqqas (rta)

On one occasion, the Prophet (sa) himself very proudly mentioned their kinship to everybody and called Sad (rta) the best uncle one can have.

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Knowledge- Ask for more

Knowledge - Ask for More

“O Allah, I ask Thee for beneficial knowledge, acceptable action and good provision.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Vol 5 - Issue 3 Plans Busted

Plans Busted

The next time one of your plans get busted, just say: “Alhumdulillah! Allah (swt) loves me and He wants to guide me.”