Vol 6 - Issue 1 Fitrah

Fitrah: Your Disposition Towards Virtue

Are we inherently inclined towards evil? No, argues Laila Brence.

Vol 5 - Issue 4 The Prophet sa & us

Shaitan's Schemes against the Prophet (sa)

How did Satan attack the Prophet (sa)? Atefa Jamal takes us back in time.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Is Boycotting Fruitful

Is Boycotting Fruitful?

Should we or should we not resort to economic boycott when all else fails? Lamya Almas presents her case!

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Greatest Fitnahs

Greatest Fitnahs of Satan

Sadaf Farooqi takes a look at the avenues through which Satan attacks us most effectively.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Know your enemy

Know Your Enemy

Rana Rais Khan details specific characteristics of Satan, as mentioned in the Quran.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Satanism movement through the years copy

Satanism Movement through the Years

The Satanism movement, established somewhere in the 1700s, accepts Satan and all his qualities as a guide or model for daily living. Rana Rais Khan looks at how this movement has fared through the years.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Body modifications copy

Body Modifications: The Pursuit of Desires

Body modification is also, as Satan himself promised, a means of following one’s desires, in order to change whatever one wants in one’s natural physical form created by Allah (swt), explains Sadaf Farooqi.


Vol 6 - Issue 1 Setting up a home Business

Setting up a Home Business

Want to start a home-based business? Noorjehan Arif tells you how.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Are you welcoming satan

Are you Welcoming Satan into your Home?

Ruhie Jamshed presents practical solutions to ensure Satan stays outside our homes.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Making the write impression

Making the Write Impression

Farah Najam presents strategies to brush up children's writing skills.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Say no to Shisha

Say ‘No’ to Shisha Smoking

Nazish Shekha presents some cautions against shisha smoking.


Vol 6 - Issue 1 Key to happiness

Key to Happiness: Contentment

Kiran Ansari presents handy tips on inculcating contentment in kids.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 M for Mature

M for Mature

Abeerullah Nadeem analyzes the flip side of video games.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Red Alert

Red Alert

Hafsa Ahsan details Satan's schemes to create rifts between spouses.



Dear Haadia

My educational environment entails mixed gender situations, and sometimes I feel highly uncomfortable with my fellow female students, especially when we have to work closely.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Amr bin Al Aas rta

Amr Ibn Al-Aas (rta)

The warm welcome of Muslims filled Amr's heart (rta) with a great love for the Prophet (sa) and his companions. From that day onwards, he wholeheartedly devoted all his efforts to the cause of Islam.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Labaik Allahuma Labaik


“Here I am, O Allah! Here I am!” echoed in my heart, my mind and soul all in unison. For the first time in my life I experienced unadulterated rapture. Tasneem Vali shares her Hajj diary.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 A Pilgrim's Letter

A Pilgrim's Letter

Dr. Farhana Azim shares her post-Hajj reflections.

Vol 6 - Issue 1 Misguide 'em young

Misguide ‘em Young

Naureen Aqueel and Ayesha Nasir elaborate Satan's schemes for the youth.