Justice in Islam

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By Tasneem Vali and Hafsa Ahmed – Freelance writers

The Justice of Allah (swt)

Allah (swt) is Supremely Just, His actions and decisions are based on His Justice and Wisdom, even though we may not comprehend them as such with our limited knowledge.

Sometimes this world seems unjust to us. A murderer may walk free, and even if he is punished, the punishment may not do justice to the severity of the crime he committed. How can a person, who murdered a 100 people, be brought to complete justice in this world? He cannot be put to death a hundred times.

Similarly, an innocent person may get wrongly accused and serve a lifetime in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Bad people may seem to be leading a great life, while good people are suffering.

That is why we, Muslims, believe that a day is fixed, when complete justice will be meted out. Its duration will be 50,000 years, and not an atom of good or evil will be overlooked. So refined will the justice of Allah (swt) be that not only the visible actions but also the hidden evil intent behind apparently good actions will also be taken into account.

Even animals will be given justice: the animals without horns will be given horns and a chance to have a go at the horned ones. Then, both will be reduced to dust. It was narrated from the Prophet (sa) that he said: “Allah (swt) will judge between His creation, jinn, men and animals. On that Day, Allah (swt) will let the hornless animal settle its score with the horned until, when there is nothing left to be settled, Allah (swt) will say to them, ‘Be dust.’ At that point the Kafir will say, ‘Would that I were dust.’” (at-Tabari)

The final culmination of Allah’s (swt) justice will be in the form of Paradise and Hellfire, where people will be rewarded or punished for their actions. However, Allah(swt) will forgive many and admit them eventually into His Mercy, as long as they believed in His oneness and His final Messenger (sa).

As His best creation, we must also uphold the quality of justice in our lives.

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