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Jan 11 - Raising confident kids

Raising Confident Kids

The material presented in this article is based on a workshop titled “Raising Confident Kids” facilitated by Madeha Masood at ERDC (Educational Resource Development Centre).

Jan 11 - Why people cut ties

Why People Cut Ties

Umm Abdullah reflects upon the alarming trend of severing kinship ties.

Jan 11 - Seven habits families

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families

The seven habits of highly effective families, as detailed by Stephen Covey in his best-seller. Adapted and presented here by Umm Isam.

Jan 11 - Joint Family in Islam

Joint Family in Islam: Challenges and Solutions

The question of prime importance is: what does Islam say about the joint family? Sadaf Farooqi takes an in-depth look at the issues and the solutions.

Jan 11- Be my Guest

Be my Guest

Guests indeed are among Allah's (swt) blessings, but we can see from the Prophet’s (sa) example that there is a certain etiquette of visitation, which one must follow in order to fulfill the Sunnah, writes Tooba Asim.


Jan 11 - War in Monotheistic religions

War in Monotheistic Religions – Judaism

Laila Brence details the concept of war, as found in Judaism.

Jan 11 - Difference bw Deen and Madhab

The Difference between Deen and Madhab

Dr. Israr Ahmed's lecture, covering the differences between the concepts of Deen and Madh-dhab. Translated for Hiba Magazine by Maryam Sakeenah.

Jan 11 - Islam in Chicago

Islam in Chicago

Kiran Ansari reflects upon her life as a Muslim in Chicago, USA.

Jan 11 - The Art of paper-making

The Art of Paper-Making

Muslims transformed the Chinese art of papermaking into a major industry as early as the eighth century, writes Saulat Pervez.


Jan 11 - The honour of Raising daughters

The Honour of Raising Daughters

Ruhie Jamshed reflects upon raising daughters as responsible Mominahs!

Jan 11 - Mothers of Believers

Mothers of Believers

Being in the family way is a significant turn of events. It is the onset of one of the greatest responsibilities Allah (swt) can entrust us with – that of bearing and raising a person according to His (swt) pleasure.

Jan 11 - The perfect recipe

The Perfect Recipe - From a Husband’s Perspective

At the end of the day, it seems that husbands think more about practical issues, such as money management, when it comes to marriage. At the same time, they are also concerned about how to balance out their roles between their parents and their wives.


A Potential Spouse’s Tough Exam

I am thinking of all the problems that girls face in their marital life. If only they quiz their potential spouse about his level of Deen beforehand, they can easily avoid the problems which come afterwards.

Jan 11 - 7 habits teenagers

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers – Part 6

Umm Isam discusses why being principle-centered is the real thing.

Jan 11 - Being Proactive

Being Proactive

Rana Rais Khan discusses the top five ways of being proactive in family life.


Jan 11 - Islam's Secret to contentment

Islam’s Secret to Contentment

J. Samia Mair reflects upon contentment.

Jan 11 - Behind the Blind Alley

Behind the Blind Alley

Dr. Farah Aslam reflects upon her life in a joint family system and the blessing in disguise it proved to be.

Jan 11 - Together in Duniya together in Jannah

Together in Dunya; Together in Jannah

Do we take our family for granted? Are we horrid at home and sweet outside? Umm Musa reflects.

Pakistan Floods

Musings on the Flood

The flood and the way we choose to look at it raises some fundamental questions that strike at the heart of our very self-definition and our worldview - in fact, our very identity.

Jan 11 - The storm

The Storm

An inspiring story about a life-changing experience.



Book Reviews (Family)

Laila Brence and Hafsa Ahsan review the latest must-haves on the reading list.

Jan 11 - The grass is not Greener anymore

The Grass is not Greener Anymore

Great thinkers and counsellors are helping America re-discover the family values and basic human goodness by teaching them what has been revealed to Muslims 1400 years ago, reminds Rana Rais Khan.

Jan 11 - Treating sore throat the Herbal way

Treating Sore Throat the Herbal Way

Amber Saleem presents some herbal and home remedies to treat sore throat.

Jan 11 - A unique service

A Unique Service

Ferya Ilyas interviews the Muslim prison chaplain, Farhana Seema Qureshy, who has the honour of helping inmates of English origin and some British Africans held in the HMP prison, UK, revert to Islam.

Jan 11 - Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies

Amber Saleem analyzes the causes and cures of skin allergies.