It Wasn’t Her Time to Die

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Nayab Imtiaz

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stock-footage-empty-swimmingpool-at-eveningStanding in front of the mirror and staring at her reflection. “Death,” the girl in the mirror whispered to her that rolled her memories to that very moment, when she was supposed to die. The day when she was supposed to meet the “celebrity” who plans to meet everyone individually some day. But nobody really wants to meet him though and that is the Malk-ul-Maut (the angel of death).

It was another beautiful day in mid summers and she along with her friends decided to visit a pool that was at almost ten minutes drive from her home. God! It was hot and the pool was big and crowded with women. She wanted to jump in but didn’t know how to swim.

“Okay, I could just stand in, right?” she thought.

She was there standing in the pool. A little girl, while judging her fear, whispered, “Don’t worry! You can’t drown, because your feet are touching the bottom of the pool.”

“It’s okay!” she said, as she smiled at the little girl. She liked it that way – standing in the pool, while the water was a little lower than her neck.

But suddenly something extraordinary happened. Her feet slipped and she was drowning. She could feel the water gushing over her head and she could do nothing. Breaking through the surface of the water now and then, gasping for air; she was screaming but no one could hear for it was inside her head! She was finding something to hold on to, but nothing was there except water everywhere; she returned empty handed every time she tried to hold onto something. She was dying and to her surprise “La ilaha illa Allah” was not her last thought; maybe because she had never lived her life according to it. Maybe just to be born in a Muslim family wasn’t enough! The only thing she could think of was, “Oh God! I beg you for one last chance. I would live my life according to La ilaha illa Allah.” There was still the faintest hope, in the darkest hour. A hope to survive! Then, something happened. She heard her friend yelling her name and felt a warm hand lifting her by her arm. And finally, she was above the water and was alive! This was a miracle, when she was least expecting it.

With this last thought, she returned to her present. Wasn’t she so incredibly lucky?  “You could’ve died. Do you have any idea what would’ve have happened?” she asked herself.  She was supposed to die, wasn’t she? Drowned in that pool years ago! That very day! But she was there, right there, gazing at her reflection. Did the angel of death surpass her? But no, the angel of death doesn’t make mistakes! Maybe that wasn’t her time to die. Maybe that was just a wake-up call for her, a second chance!

She was still standing in front of the mirror and tears were rolling down her cheeks, she screamed, “Oh God! I was supposed to die. But I didn’t. I spent sixteen years of my life disobeying you. While you had given me a second chance!” she cried and cried. But then she remembered, “There is a way to be good again.” That was the day her life changed and changed forever. She had fallen in love with her Rabb soon after that day and lived happily ever after. Trails came and went; but one thing is for sure, “With every hardship comes ease”.

She was given a wake-up call but we might not.
She was given a second chance but we might not.
Death is certain.
We can’t deny.
From angel of death we can’t flee.
It wasn’t her time so she didn’t die.
But death is certain.
And we can’t deny.
So, why not get prepared while we still have time?

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