Vol 3-Issue 2 The state  of Nafs

The State of Nafs

Maruf Abul Adil invites to reflect upon the origins of our Nafs and make our best choices for attaining Jannah

Vol 3-Issue 2 Dawah The call towards Allah swt

The Call Towards Allah (swt)

Rana Rais Khan analyzes the similarity of Bedouins and some of our Imams hailing from the village

Image Prophet sa humour

Mercy during War

Rana Rais Khan observes how Allah's Apostle (sa) upheld the humanitarian ideals even at times of war against the most tyrant enemies

Vol 3-Issue 2  Salahuddin Ayyubi

Salahuddin Ayyubi

Uzma Rizvi recounts the achievements that made Salahuddin Ayyubi one of history's most renowned Sultans

Vol 3-Issue 2 Intimate isuues

Intimate Issues

Kulsoom Omar details Islam’s perspective on sexuality and intimate issues, as fortified by Haya and marriage


Vol 3-Issue 2 Noting down lectures

Noting Down Lectures

Hafsa Ahsan discusses the art of taking notes during lectures


Permitted and Prohibited Methods of Contraception in Islam - Part I

Kulsoom Omar details some of the methods of contraception in Islam

Vol 3-Issue 2 Travel Nigeria

Travel Nigeria

Farah Najam captures the beauty Allah (swt) has bestowed on Nigeria



The Wedding Night

The wedding season is in full swing. Affaf Jamal shares some handy advice for the brides and grooms pertaining to the wedding night (as per the Sunnah).


From Childhood to Adulthood

Atefa Jamal provides tips to ease your child's transition from childhood to adulthood

Vol 3-Issue 2   5 Successfull secrets of travelling

Five Successful Secrets of Travelling with a Child

Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant pediatrician and neonatologist) offers tips to prevent dreadful traveling disasters during pleasant family trips



Dear Haadia

I am a 14-year-old boy. Can I keep a girlfriend?

Vol 3-Issue 2 Age of cross dressing

Age of Cross-Dressing

Kehkashan Khalid cautions us against being indifferent to the trend of cross- dressing

Vol 3-Issue 2 Julaybib RA

Julaybib (rta) - The Diamond in the Rough

Atefa Jamal explains why you should get to know the new kid on the block, no matter what he appears like

Vol 3-Issue 2  Simply friends

Simply Friends

Can boys and girls simply be friends? Well, find out!