Top Five Ways to Imbibe an Attitude of Sacrifice this Eid-ul-Adha

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Umm Ibrahim

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1011It is quite easy to talk about the spirit of sacrifice when discussing Eid-ul-Adha. But it is not quite simple to implement it in one’s daily life. As the age-old adage says, it is easier said than done. However much it is NOT easy, it is definitely not impossible either.

So how do you embark upon the journey towards implementing the spirit of sacrifice in your daily life? Here are some handy tips you can use:-

1. Be positive:- Yes, it is easier to talk about sacrifice than actually give the sacrifice when the time comes, but never let this belief deter you in your objective. You may consider yourself to be a weak person, but you can always derive your strength from your faith.

2. Make loads of Duas:- Prayer is the best source of strength. Ask Allah (SWT)’s help at all times. Make loads of invocations and Insha’Allah He (SWT) will make things easier for you.

3. Try and try again:- You may falter – not once, but many times. However, don’t let that get to you. Maybe you couldn’t do what was right in one situation – learn from it and move on.

4. Keep the end goal in mind:- If at any time you start getting this feeling of: “why do I always have to give the sacrifice?” remind yourself that it is Satan trying to mislead you. Emphasize to yourself that you are doing this for Allah (SWT)’s pleasure and your ultimate goal – Jannah.

5. Beware of publicizing your sacrifices:– Showing off good deeds always lessens the amount of blessing you get for it. Whatever sacrifices you make for Allah (SWT), keep them to yourself rather than glorifying yourself in public or feeling excessively proud. Again, remind yourself of your ultimate goal whenever you feel the urge to
talk about all that you have done.

This article was first published in The Intellect Magazine – it is being reprinted here with their permission.

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