Vol 2 -Issue 3     Beautiful names

Beautiful Names

Umm Saad lends meaning to your Tasbeehat and Dhikr. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah (swt), so call on Him by them." (Al-Araf 7:180)

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Life After Ramadan

Life after Ramadan

Kiran Ansari invites to re-evaluate the attractions of Ramadan and offers tips for keeping the spirit of blessed month in our hearts all year long



Are you overwhelmed by decisions to make and confused regarding the best options? Atefa Jamal reminds us of the Prophet's (sa) advice about making the right choice and attaining the peace of mind.

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Sheikh Ahmad Deedat

Sheikh Ahmad Deedat

Farah Zahidi-Moazzam reminisces about a Daee whom we'll always remember!

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Hospitality in Islam

Hospitality in Islam

Highlighting the guidance of our prophets, Islam brings sanity to the concept of hospitality and allows all to enjoy whether one is a host or the guest. Written by Rana Rais Khan.


Vol 2 -Issue 3 Takaful

Takaful: Islamic Insurance

Islamic insurance is a misunderstood term. Some deny its existence altogether. Sumaira Dada discusses the Islamic mode of insurance, Takaful

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Studying Effectively

Studying Effectively

Practical advice from Hafsa Ahsan for making the most of your study time and avoiding the pre-exam panic

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Common Respiratory Ailments

Common Respiratory Ailments in Children

Valuable advice from Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist) regarding childcare

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Egypt

Travel Egypt

Farah Najam introduces the popular tourist attractions of the ancient Egypt - ‘the gift of the Nile'


Vol 2 -Issue 3 Battle of Moms

The Battle of Moms

Tasneem Vali invites us to analyze the pros and cons of ‘working moms’ and ‘stay-at-home moms’

Vol 2 -Issue 3  Boys & Girls as different learners

Boys and Girls as Different Learners

Rana Rais Khan presents the core differences, as identified by researchers, between male and female learners at the elementary level and explains how these differences drive them to certain behavioural and career choices.

Vol 2 -Issue 3 Breastfeeding


Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood (consultant Pediatrician and Neonatologist) addresses every nursing mother's worries



Dear Haadia

Problems do not come without solutions. Haadia replies to a query about drawing Allah's creation.

Vol 2 -Issue 3 khubaib Ibn Adiy ra

Khubaib Ibn Adiy (rta)

Uzma Rizvi recounts the inspiring story of a companion