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Conversion of Yvonne Ridley to Islam

The conversion of a prominent English lady journalist, Yvonne Ridley, to Islam is not something ignorable in the recent history. By embracing Islam a few years back, Ridley has, in fact, stunned the Western world.

pity the nation

Pity The Nation

Pity the nation that has lost its youth to senseless pursuits, where the price of bread is ten times more than the SMS package offered by cellular phone companies – targeting the teens and tweens of Pakistan.


9/11 - More Than a Decade Later

American Muslims reflect upon life in USA - immediately after 9/11 and a decade later.


Hope After 9/11 – Globally

At a time post 9/11, when Islam was under intense scrutiny throughout the world and especially in the West, it was heart-warming yet mind-boggling how it still attracted young women with such vigour.


Label: Muslim; Type: Secular

How has 9/11 transformed the life of secular Muslims? Ruhie Jamshed takes a look.


Hope after 9/11 - Editorial

Rana Rais Khan's editorial on 9/11 and its aftermath.



Ramadan – Scriptural vs. Cultural

Dr. Bilal Philips urges us to derive spiritual benefits from Ramadan rather than fall prey to cultural practices.


The “Happening” City of Samarkand

Founded in 700 BC, Samarkand was one of the main centres of Iranian civilization from its early days, writes Umm Ibrahim.


let go

Learning to let go

Controlling comes to many parents naturally and quite spontaneously, regardless of the age of the child. When is it time to let go?


Your Circle of Influence

Great marriages are not a case of accidents. They are achievements one has to strive for, sometimes even for years, writes Umm Zahrah.

laylat ul-qadr

Top Five Ways to Prepare for Laylat-ul-Qadr

Laylat-ul-Qadr is THE event of the year! Don’t miss it!



Eid – Down the Memory Lane

Mashal Tayyab reflects upon Eid - then and now!


Khushu Salah

Do you want to increase the quality of your Salah? Umm Zahra has some solutions.


The Slave’s False Claim

Inspiring snippets from the life of our predecessors.

Men's Perspective


Basheer: A Friend’s Farewell

Excerpt from Suleman Ahmer's best-seller, "The Embattled Innocence".


Stand Up for Justice

Rayed Afzal narrates a journey which has turned much of the typical syllabus books of social studies into a pleasure reading for his daughters.

enjoy your life

Be Observant and Complimentary

Snippets from Dr. Al-Arifi's best-selling book "Enjoy Your Life" published by Darussalam.



Hope after 9/11 - Book Reviews

Reviews of the latest must-reads!


Arabic Calligraphy – Vehicle for the Word of God

Hina Jamal traces the origins and technicalities of calligraphy.


Treating Dengue the Herbal Way

Amber Saleem presents home and herbal remedies to treat dengue.


LiveDeen: Taking it Live!

Abdullah Hamid Ali and Naureen Aqueel take a look at Live Deen and the kind of work it is doing.