Handy Tips for Smart Savers

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Umm Isam

Umm Isam is a writer and human resource trainer, based in Karachi.

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Home Economics

In the Kitchen

  • Buy your groceries on a weekly basis to avoid wastage which may incur due to monthly stocks.
  • Supervise your servants to ensure they don’t waste your valuable stocks.
  • Use your meal leftovers to prepare tasty dishes.
  • Buy local food products instead of imported ones – this will support the economy too.
  • Cook food for your dinners instead of getting it catered.

Using Electrical Appliances

  • Never keep any appliance on a stand-by mode.
  • Switch to energy-saving bulbs.
  • Irons use maximum electricity in the first ten minutes – iron a maximum number of outfits in one go.
  • Use sunlight instead of dryers to dry your clothes.
  • Switch to split air conditioners for an economical electricity bill.
  • Use air conditioners with timers

Credit and Banking

  • Avoid credit cards altogether
  • Be wary of bank charges on ATM withdrawals

Shopping Cautions

  • Always shop on a full stomach to avoid purchasing unnecessary eatables
  • Make a list and shop according to that
  • Be wary of sales – only buy what you genuinely need
  • Make less trips to the market to avoid temptation
  • Whenever you think of buying something, rate it on a scale of one to ten. If the rating is below 5, consider it as a luxury and not a necessity

Compiled by Umm Isam

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